What The Color Of Your Urine Says About Your Health?

Examine the urine while urinating and not when you have finished because in the toilet bowl it will be diluted with two liters of water, says Dr. Chris Steele who has revealed on British television what can be read from the color of urine.

What The Color Of Your Urine Says About Your Health?

After his attention was to the fact that for the women this will not be easy, he suggested to take a sample.

He lined the samples, from transparent through dark yellow to red and bluish. He paid attention on color change during the day and depending on the food or medications taken.
  • Due to the laxative urine becomes darker, and because of asparagus and food coloring blue or green – explained Dr. Steele. On the other hand, the urine which was slowly bubbling can be a sign of too much protein in the diet, and infection as well.

Clean urine can be a sign of regular intake of fluids, or can be the result of diuretics in the medicine or in drinks like coffee, cola or alcohol, explains Dr. Steele.

On the other hand, dark yellow color of the urine indicates a lack of water in the body.
  • In the first morning urination you can notice that the color of the urine is darker then usual. This is because the kidneys filter out all night and concentrated toxins from the bloodstream, and in the morning they are expelled.

Dark yellow urine color can indicate an irregular work of the liver. In this case there is often a yellowish pigment on the skin and in the eyes.

However, the color for which you should be most concerned about is pink or light red. It may be the result of blueberry, black currant, rhubarb and similar foods whose pigment is so powerful that the kidneys can not completely remove.

But it is often a sign of severe inflammation, which affects the kidneys, bladder and urethra. Also, it may indicate a tumor or kidney stones.
  • The most common cause of red urine is cystitis, which is an urinary tract infection, due to excess blood goes into the urine – explains dr. Steele.

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