9 Simple Shaving Tricks For Smoother, Softer Skin!

Shaving might be the most convenient hair removal option ever, but it’s certainly not the most effective. If you have slightly thicker and coarser hair on problem areas such as your legs, shaving will leave you with a rather pointy, peach fuzz, which is far from desirable. However, you can make your shaving experience (and consequently your skin) smoother than ever before with the help of certain hacks!

9 Simple Shaving Tricks For Smoother, Softer Skin!
 Here are 9 shaving tips that can help you achiever softer and smoother skin:

1. Make Shaving The Last Task In The Shower
Or even if you don’t make it the last, don’t go shaving on dry skin. Shower for a bit and let your skin soak up the warm water. The steam and the water soften your skin and make the pores open up, which allows for a really close shave. They also loosen your hair follicles, which not only gives you a smooth shave but also ensures zero skin damage!

2. Exfoliate Before Shaving
A smooth shave can only be achieved if you soften your skin before shaving. One simple way to do that is to exfoliate before shaving. Exfoliation helps in the removal of the dead skin cells, making for a polished and buffed base on which the razor can glide efficiently. Word of caution though: If you are exfoliating before shaving, do not scrub after hair removal as it can cause skin irritation.

3. Watch The Direction
The way you use your razor can also help in ensuring that you’re left with smooth, peach fuzz-free skin post a shave. To achieve the best results, start by shaving in the direction of your growth and then switch the position of the razor and glide it in the opposite direction. For those with sensitive skin, swiping in the opposite direction is a no-no.

4. Use Shaving Cream
Although water works just fine for emergency cases, lathering up is better when you have the time. Using a shaving cream helps in friction-free swipes and also offers a cushion for your razor to work on. This, in turn, reduces redness, irritation, and itchiness post-shaving. We recommend you lather up at all times, even when you’ve run out of shaving cream. In such cases, you can make use of mild, creamy hand washes or conditioners.
5. Swipe Only Once
While shaving, it’s impossible to resist the urge to swipe on the same area multiple times to ensure all the hair is gone and you end up with silky, smooth skin. But when you do that, the opposite is what happens. Swiping aain and again on the same area can irritate your skin, leading to that burning shaving rash as well as redness and dryness. A single swipe with an unused two to three-blade razor should be enough. Just remember to apply gentle pressure when shaving.
6. Use Women-Specific Razors Only
Razors meant for men (as well as disposable ones) might be a lot cheaper, but they are a lot harmful as well! That is because they don’t come with the added benefits that razors which have been specifically made for women do. For example, most razors for women come with an extra moisturizing strip that help keep your skin soft and supple. They also come with other features such as angular heads (for better shaving in inaccessible areas) and protective cushions (for nick-free shaving).

7. Shave In Small Strokes
Longer strokes may seem easy and less time consuming, but it’s the shorter ones that efficiently remove all hair. So, when you’re shaving the next time, try small strokes and apply a gentle pressure. You’ll get a more precise shave as well as hair-free skin for a longer period of time.

8. Use Body Oil After Shaving
The logic behind it is the same as when men use aftershave lotions. A body or bath oil enwraps your skin in moisture, giving it a silky, smooth finish. Since it’s better to exfoliate and then shave, your skin can be quite dry and scaly-looking post-shaving. Using a body oil after you’re done can prevent this unpleasant effect. It’s best to massage your skin when it’s damp as it offers a soft, dewy look.

9. Get A New Razor After 3 Shaves
With a dull blade, you can’t help but shave the same area twice or thrice to get the desired results. This can result in nicks as well as skin irritation, both of which can be avoided if you simply throw out your old razor after three uses and get a new one. Up till 3 uses, the blades on your razor are sharp enough to offer a shave. After that, it’s not quite the same story. So, changing your razor frequently is the best way to go!

What’s the point of shaving if you have to hide your skin because of all the nicks and rashes? Follow our advice and adopt these 9 tricks to get the smoothest shave of your life!

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