This Eyeliner Trick Gives An Instant Lift To Mature Eyes Over 50

As we age, so do our bodies and faces. One byproduct of aging can be hooded or saggy eyes.

Droopy eyelids are known as ptosis, according to CVOptometry. But not everyone is interested in getting an eyelift.

Thankfully, there are ways to minimize the appearance of a hooded or aging eye with a few magic tricks. Schellea Fowler at fabulous50s knows the best of them!

This Eyeliner Trick Gives An Instant Lift To Mature Eyes Over 50


The first step in creating a youthful day-look for mature eyes is applying primer to your eyes.

This will improve the intensity of the eyeshadow you will apply later.

It will also prevent your eyeshadow from creasing which can make your eyes look wrinkled and heavy. In addition, it gets rid of any discoloration on your eyes.

You’ll want to apply your primer in a tapping motion.

Next, you’ll use a light or neutral covered eyeshadow on the lid of your eye.

Take a slightly darker color, or more coats of the original color, and apply this lightly to the crease of your eye. You can use a more intense shade for an evening look but you don’t want to go heavy.

You’ll want it to look soft and subtle. To apply, find the bone in your crease and come across it with your color.

Drag it down where your last eyelash is.

Find a light shade of eyeshadow and place some in the middle of your lid. This brings a little more color to your face and brings out that part of the eye and makes it look bigger.

For the next part of the tutorial, you’ll apply eyeliner. You can use actual liquid eyeliner, regular eyeliner, or eyeshadow.

Fowler uses a dark-colored eyeshadow in her tutorial.

Take your finger and hold the corner of your with one hand and apply your shadow from the corner to the last lash along your lash line.

Draw a line straight up from your last lash. From the top point of your line, draw another line to form a triangle.

This will give your eye a lifting look. Fill in your triangle and apply more liner to your lash line to smooth out the angles.

Then place liner underneath your bottom lash line and connect them to the top lifted line.

Now you’ll curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.

Clampdown on your eyelashes with your curler and gently turn your curler inward and tilt it toward your nose.

Give your eyelash curler about 10 pumps on each eye to give yourself a nice curl.

Apply one coat of thickening and lengthening mascara in a zig-zag fashion to give your lashes a thicker appearance.

Let your first coat of mascara to dry. Now add a nude eyeliner to the waterline of your eye. This will make your eyes look bigger.

Add some highlighter or liquid sheen to your cheekbones to finish off your look. Need more thorough instructions? Check out the tutorial below to watch Fowler’s incredible transformation.

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