8 Clothing Hacks That’ll Make You Look Great

If you’re flush with cash, then fashion is something that will come naturally to you. We’re not trying to say rich peeps are automatically blessed with a good fashion sense. We are pointing out how being rich gives one the luxury to afford the best of stylists in the industry, who can make you look like fashion icons. Having employed the ideal stylists, there’s no surprise when the Richie Richs of the world, leave home looking perfect.

With us, the normal and middle-class people, our individual budget is what dictates what goes into our wardrobe, right? But don’t you worry now, you don’t have to be a millionaire to look like one. There are a lot of fashion trends out there which are definitely budget-friendly and yet have the power to upscale your look. These hacks are pretty simple and will make you look like a million bucks without burning a hole in your pocket. Let’s have a look at them and get ready to mingle with the haves of the world, instead of the have-nots.

8 Clothing Hacks That’ll Make You Look Great


1. Go For Animal Prints

You would know how the royalty all over the world like our Maharajas back here, loved decorating not just their palaces but also themselves with animal skins. Therefore, in order to obtain that regal look, try to find animal printed clothes for yourselves. You know, the ones that look like neat imitations of the fur or animal prints that the royals used to adorn themselves with. But, make sure you don’t make your outfit all about animal prints. Wear them in neutral ways like in the form of accessories like a scarf, shoes, or a bag.

2. Wear The LBD (Little Black Dress)

If there’s any classy, sassy, and elegant dress that needs to make it to the wardrobe of every woman, it has to be the LBD! Wearing a little black dress instantly makes you look sophisticated and extremely attractive. When you pick a little black dress for yourself make sure it isn’t embellished, but a little sparkle is agreeable. Try to keep it simple and opt for a deep, dark black. You don’t want to wear a dress that looks faded, do you?

3. Get Flattering Necklines

Look, it’s absolutely okay and there’s nothing wrong in showing off your body and feeling proud about it. But, if you want to look like a royal, you need to avoid wearing tops or dresses that have a plunging neck. Try to keep it simple with the neck styles of your clothing. And if you ever want to wear something a little daring and still look like you’re from an elite community, then wear something which is demure and still makes you look attractive.

4. Wear Appropriately High, Heels

You definitely can’t go around wearing shoes like the ones Lady Gaga wears. You’ll probably get ridiculed for it. No matter how crazy the footwear trends get around you, the ones that the millionaires are seen sporting remain the good old classy ones. Kindly avoid heels and platforms that are very high. We think that kitten heels are your safest bet when it comes to classy footwear. You get brownie points from us, if you manage to find one in a good print!

5. Get The Right Fit

One thing that makes the rich stand apart is their proper form-fitting, comfortable clothes. Therefore, make sure when you buy clothes for yourself, you get the right fit! Don’t buy a loose top as it will make you look sloppy. Also, don’t wear tight clothes as they might look a little tacky. If you are not able to find your correct fit in stores, we suggest you get your clothes tailor-made. It’s bound to make you look like you own a clothing line of your own.

6. Wear Neon Colors, But Subtly

Yes, neon colors will make you look rich too. Just make sure you don’t wear all the elements of your look in a neon shade. That will make you look like you’ve come out straight from a carnival. Wear neon shoes or heels with a monotoned dress. Or team your jeans and a white shirt with a jacket in a neon shade. It will be more of like a grown-up trying to be playful with their clothing.

7. Accessorize The Right Way

Don’t go all chunky with your necklaces. Keep it minimal. If you want to wear a statement neckpiece, then skip the earrings. Or just wear simple, classy chains. You can layer two or three such simple chains and look hot and sassy!

8. Bag It Right

Have you seen the purses of the top-notch brands whose names we can never pronounce right? What’s so common in them? It’s their fine lines, neat colors, and simple colors. If you want your purses to look like they have been bought at a fashionable boutique, go for the simple stuff, don’t buy oversized or overly embellished ones.

Aren’t these such simple and easy-to-follow hacks? They are so doable that it’s mind boggling. Try these for yourself and see how effective they are. If you have any such easy-peasy tips, leave them in the comments section below.

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