Clean, Sanitize & Remove Odors From Your Washing Machine + 5 Other

Cleaning is a must and it needs to be done at least once a week. But, probably the most bothersome living area is the bathroom, and because of that we buy all sorts of products that will provide us with that impeccable shine and complete disinfection.

You need to be aware that most of these products are packed with chemicals, which we later on breathe in and that can harm our health. For that reason we should all turn to the use of natural products which are providing us with the same effect as the bought products.


Clean, Sanitize & Remove Odors From Your Washing Machine + 5 Other


Toilet Cleaning

For this purpose you need to pour white vinegar and lemon juice into the toilet. Leave it to act for half an hour. After that, sprinkle baking soda on a toilet-bowl brush and scour the rest stained areas. Once, you have done all these steps, flush. This method of cleaning is safe for your children and at the same time very efficient in eliminating bad odors. Not to mention the fact that it is cheap.


Your sink will shine and be free of any rust by mixing some lemon juice with potassium bitartrate. Use this mixture on an old toothbrush, and then clean your sink. In the end, rinse with water.


Grapefruit will do the job for this part of the bathroom, and the results will be immediately visible. You will need 1medium to large grapefruit, cut it in half and then sprinkle it with salt. Next, wet your bath and sprinkle more salt around the bottom of the bath. Rub the tub with the grapefruit, and after that rinse it. In this way you will clean the entire bath or shower from top to bottom, including all the fixtures.


Remove soap scum from your showers and tubs by using apple cider vinegar. Thanks to the acidity of apple cider vinegar the mineral deposits will get broken and as well as other buildup without leaving residue or creating chemical fumes.

Make your shower head shiny and nicely disinfected by following this method: pour a cup of apple cider vinegar in a suitable plastic bag, and then by using a rubber band, tighten it into the shower head. Let it stand for 1 hour, and after that rinse.

Floor and tiles

This cleaning task is the most bothersome task as the whole bathroom is with tiles. But, by using this method this will turn into an easy task. Prepare the following mixture:

1 teaspoon of your dish washing detergent

1/2 cup of baking soda

1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide

Mix them nicely, and then use this mixture to clean the tiles and floor in the bathroom.

Washing machine

The washing machine needs to be cleaned regularly as well because everything that we put inside leaves a film of bacteria, mold and mildew. There is also the buildup of the detergent residue and hard water, which over time produce that grouse smell. Plus, your clothes cannot be well cleaned if they are washed in this type of machine; they can even get that stinky smell from the machine or get contaminated with bacteria.

Therefore, make sure to clean it by adding a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar in a hot water and then start the short cycle. Leave it to work for a few minutes, and then turn it off. Let it stand like that for around 1 hour. After that, turn on the longest cycle.

In this way your washing machine will shine and all the bed smells will be gone for good.

All the ingredients we mentioned in the text are easily available as almost each house has it. Moreover, they are efficient, safe for use and not expensive.

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