Apply This Facial Mask Every Morning To Look Younger


Apply This Facial Mask Every Morning To Look Younger

While the most enlightened minds in science and medicine are working hard to find new ways to prolong our lives, some people found a way to stop time and wipe years of our face.

This miraculous face mask, skin-friendly, will be your number one ally in the fight with aging.

You need:

– Ground coffee – it has to be finely grounded coffee not to damage your skin.
– Milk. It is best to use low-fat milk because coffee already contains softening oils.
– A bowl to mix the ingredients
– A spoon or a spatula to apply and remove the mask.

Don’t use a brush because the coffee grounds can stick to the hair.

How to proceed:
– Pour the coffee into the bowl and add the milk. You should get a thick paste, so you should add the milk gradually!
– Apply mask on your face avoiding the area around your eyes.
– Wait 15-20 minutes for the ingredients to take effect on the skin.
– Remove the mask with warm water.

Due to the regenerative properties of coffee beans, the skin will glow, looking younger while the blood flow will be improved and the skin will become healthier.


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