How To Cover Your Grey Hairs Using Coffee

It’s important to know that you will not definitely get rid of white hairs by using this trick, but coffee offers them a light brown shade, and they will be virtually hidden. This trick based on coffee can be used by anyone, regardless of hair color, because the result will fit for blond, red or brunet.

How To Cover Your Grey Hairs Using Coffee


How to prepare it:

The first step is to prepare a pot of strong coffee (about 300-400 ml.). Let it cool until room temperature, then wash your hair as usual using shampoo and conditioner. While your hair is still wet, after the wash, gently apply the coffee on the hair using your both hands. Repeat the procedure until all the coffee it is used. Then gently squeeze the hair and cover it with a towel. Wait 20-30 minutes and then rinse out with water. If you repeat this treatment twice a week, your hair white shortly become brown.

For the last rinse you can also use vinegar. It’s going to fix better the color. Finally you will notice that your has a uniform color and it is shiny and silky. In addition, this procedure is less invasive than the normal one, the because as a natural dye, coffee does not contain chemicals that can damage your hair.

The amount of coffee you need varies depending on the length and thickness of your hair; generally sufficient amount varying between 2 and 4 cups. Do not use instant coffee sachet; It contains additives that can damage the hair.


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