How To Increase Breast Size Without Gaining Weight

It’s a known fact that when we gain weight our breast size increases as well which is due to the fact that our breasts are comprised of fatty connective tissue, just like the rest of our body. All women have a different body composition, some have denser breasts with less fatty tissue and others have the more fatty tissue, which is why all women gain or lose breast weight differently.

How To Increase Breast Size Without Gaining Weight

Even though gaining weight might be the easiest way to enlarge your breasts without surgery, not everyone wants to put on some pounds just to have a bigger cup size. Is there another natural alternative which could help you do it?

Of course, there is!  You just need to implement a few lifestyle changes, do some targeted exercises and try some herbal treatments which will get to your goal without putting on weight.

1.Lifestyle Changes
What you eat and how much you exercise plays an important role in your breast size.
Exercises are crucial and there are certain breast-targeted ones which if performed regularly can have a big impact.

Some of the most effective exercise routines you should follow regularly are pushups, lifting dumbbells, wall presses, and chest presses.

These can help you build up muscle in the breast area, enlarge your breasts and keep them firm and perky.

All of these exercises are quite simple and performing them on a daily basis will just take a few minutes of your time but will have amazing effects.

2. Here’s how you can perform one of the most effective exercises
Start by adjusting your workout bench to 60 degrees.

Then take 2 dumbbells, lie on the bench and rest the dumbbells on your thighs.

Next, you should bring the dumbbells up to shoulder height, with your palms facing forward.

Press them straight up in the air over your chest until they are about 1 inch apart, and then slowly lower them.

3.Breast Massage
This is an excellent way to improve blood circulation in your breast and improve nutrients absorption into the body.

As a result, your breast size will increase as well.

For best results, massage your breasts on a daily basis.

4.Herbal Treatment:
Certain herbal methods are famous for their ability to increase the bust size of a woman. Here are the most effective ones:

Fenugreek: This amazing herb stimulates the production of prolactin which helps increase breast size.

Fennel: This herb and its seeds are rich in flavonoids that enhance the growth of breast tissue cells.

Saw Palmetto: This herb controls excess testosterone (testosterone hinders breast development) and thus stimulates breast growth.

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