19 Things A C-Section Mom Must Avoid

Did your C-section leave you unnerved? You could be one of the coolest moms out there and still cringe at the thought of a C-section that you’ve already had, or you might have in the future. Shockingly, the cesarean section is not always something performed by convenience. Come on!

19 Things A C-Section Mom Must Avoid

Delivering a child is not something that will leave you smiling and giggling. So, when it’s time for surgical intervention, you probably need it. With C-section, there would be things that you will need to be watchful about for a good six months unlike when it’s a normal delivery. Here’s what you will need to stop doing following your C-section for quite a long time:

  1. Hold on to your sneezes. If you can think about the tricks, your mom taught you to control the involuntary act of sneezing, apply them now.
  2. Point no.1 also means you shouldn’t cough.
  3. Laughter is not the best medicine now. Not when your stitches are raw. Suppress your laughter! Be content with a half chuckle.
  4. Your pillow becomes your best friend. Every little motion will require you to use a pillow to support your belly. Don’t forget the bumpy ride from the hospital back home when every little bump will remind you of the wound on your belly.
  5. Don’t eat stuff that makes you gassy. Being gassy could worsen the pain.
  6. Now, this also means that you shouldn’t eat anything that will constipate you. Remember how tough it was for you to poop the first time after the C-section? Exerting too much pressure may loosen the stitches.
  7. Don’t get bogged down by the anti-cesarean remarks and slogans. Call yourself a ‘pioneer’ ;)
  8. Don’t climb stairs. Use elevators. If your building hasn’t one, consider sedentary life for few weeks even if it meant you set up a mini house of your own in your very room.
  9. Don’t cry in the shower. It could hurt the incision more than your soul.
  10. Don’t look too closely at your sagging belly.
  11. Don’t ever think of looking at the incision under the belly.
  12. If you want to check how far the incision has healed, ask your partner or husband to check it for you.
  13. Don’t be in a rush to get back to normal life. There are layers of incisions that may tear with sudden jerks.
  14. Avoid damp surfaces. Skidding is not allowed post-delivery either.
  15. Stop complaining of the numbness over the incision area. It’s normal. And, it could last!
  16. Don’t be shy about asking for help with household stuff.
  17. Don’t ignore the painkillers and the supplements your doctor prescribes.
  18. Don’t be grumpy about not having the joy of not being able to deliver vaginally.
  19. Don’t belittle yourself simply because your baby came out of you like a gift without you going into labor.

Giving birth is divine, whether it is through a vaginal delivery or a C-section. Enjoy the feeling and immerse yourself in motherhood.

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