Fight Cold Symptoms Using Onions

A cold starts to manifest when a virus is attached to the lining of your nose or throat. This usually happens during cold season but can also occur with the changing temperature in our environment. Once a virus gets in, it causes inflammation to our nose and throat and produces a lot of mucus. With this, our antibodies works more to fight the virus thus making us feel more tired.

Fight Cold Symptoms Using Onions

To avoid this from happening, we need to help our antibodies and make them stronger than before. Drinking a lot of fluids like water can help the situation and another thing that can greatly help is the- onion.

Onions are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that’s why they are of great help in treating common illnesses just like colds and cough. It is also rich in vitamin C which enhances our immune systems and helps repairs damaged tissues.

There are several ways on how you can consume and use onions to make it your food-medicine to fight cold symptoms. Here are some of these ways:

You can simply add some raw onions to a plate of healthy salad for additional nutrients and benefits.
Create a simple medicinal drink by adding some slice of raw onion to a drinking water. Consume it thrice a day to achieve fast healing. 

Place cut onion in a bowl and store it in the room of someone who is sick. This method has been tried and proven by lots of mom’s because of the idea that onions have the ability to absorb the bacteria and viruses or “literally pull out the germs”. 

Study shows that a room with onion is not a good environment for bacteria and viruses thus prevents them from multiplying and eventually kills them.

Aside from the above mentioned ways on how to treat cold symptoms at home using onion, it still best to consult a physician whenever you feel unease of your illness. This is to genuinely check your health condition and prevent problems in the future.

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