Guide To Strengthening The Immune System

The immune system is the biggest ally of our bodies in the war against dangers in the outside world. There is a need for strengthening of the immune system, although it is in perfect functioning.

Defensive Shield of the Body; Immune System

The immune system is a complex system that forms the defense mechanism against diseases in a living organism, recognizes and destroys pathogens and tumor cells and protects the body from foreign and harmful substances. In short, it is a defense shield that protects the body against diseases.

Guide To Strengthening The Immune System

The Immune System Works Perfectly. But…

The immune system recognizes all substances that try to enter the body, decomposes and destroys what they see as harmful. It has such a delicate function that it can distinguish even substances that are very similar in structure, such as protein and amino acids. The science of immunity, now known as “immunology”, scans a wide variety of toxins, viruses, parasites, and any foreign substances entering or coming into contact with the body and distinguishes them from healthy body cells and tissues.

When the immune system becomes active along with the birth is weakened, the risk of developing the disease increases at the same rate. Viruses and microbes that have the opportunity to weaken the immune system flock to the body and cause diseases. Infections develop. Infections lead to further weakening of the immune system. The body needs to strengthen the immune system to minimize the risk of developing diseases. In this way, the body regains resistance against diseases.

The Immune System Wages War Against the Microorganisms It Encounters

The human body is equipped with a defense system against diseases and is therefore capable of self-healing. When stimulated by disease-causing substances, the immune system is activated. As soon as the system encounters a microorganism that it perceives as alien, certain cells begin to fight for it. The system that recognizes a microorganism that it has encountered before can react much faster to get rid of it in the latter. This is called acquired immunity.

The most beautiful and simple example of the operation of this system is the formation of antibodies against microbes in our bodies and the fight against them. When the same microbe is encountered again, these antibodies protect us from getting sick. The antibody is the response of the defense cells against foreign substances entering the body.

The immune system, which operates in different ways, operates quite silently. The diversity of the immune system can only be understood when the system is disrupted for some reason. When a mosquito bites the body, the bitten area turns red and swells. This event indicates that the immune system is working. For example; When we breathe, thousands of bacteria and viruses in the air are carried to our lungs. The immune system eliminates all of these but in some cases allows some to pass, resulting in ailments called colds or flu.

What Should be Done to Strengthen The Immune System?

The way to prevent common and easily transmitted diseases such as influenza, colds, pharyngitis and diarrhea depends on the strength of the immune system. What we need to do for this;

For a strong immune system, we need to make more room for vitamins A, E, C, B in our lives. Milk, fish, fish oil, eggs, citrus fruits, cherries and melons are important sources for vitamin A and B12.

Regular sleep is a must for a strong immune system. Because if the person does not sleep enough, he gets tired in the morning. Yield decreases. In chained, morale and motivation deteriorate. Concentration is impaired and the immune system is weakened. Therefore, depending on age, it is necessary to sleep for an average of 7 hours per day. This may be a little longer in children and up to 18 hours in infants.

Many reactions in the body require water. Although it varies according to season, weight and daily activities, 2-2.5 liters of water should be consumed daily.

Stress weakens not only our mood but also our immune system. This is because some substances produce hormones to cope with stress. Excessive production of these substances damages the natural balance of the body. Therefore, we become more sick during stressful periods.

Viruses and germs wait for an opportunity to enter our bodies. The method they use most is to infiltrate our bodies through our hands. Personal hygiene should therefore be given due consideration. Therefore, it is very important to wash our hands with soapy water and take a shower frequently.

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