Have A Foot Massage To Increase Metabolism And Reduce Stress

Massages are the best way to get relaxed. And foot massages are the king of all massages. Not only does it relax the body, but also improves blood flow, helps secrete sweat, and prevents lactic acid formation that would lead to cramps. Give a foot massage to yourself before you jump into bed, to enjoy heightened metabolism and smooth digestion.

Have A Foot Massage To Increase Metabolism And Reduce Stress

These aren’t all. There are at least 15,000 nerve endings in the soles of our feet, which have their roots scattered throughout the body. So, if you decide to massage one of them, it might affect a particular organ. Some other nerve would be all about diseases. So, why don’t you spend 15 minutes every night, massaging each area of your foot with your thumb and index finger? It will help stimulate many parts of the body.


Outside of the Big Toe-Helps increase thirst and appetite.

Center of the Big Toe- Helps in balancing and the secretion of hormones

Bottom of the Big Toe- Maintains and improves metabolism

Ball Under The Feet- Reduces Stress.

Heel’s Inner Point- Regulates the urinary system

Bottom of the Center Sole- Helps in elimination, and stops bloating.

Inner Edge of Center Sole- Maintains energy levels, burning more calories

Try these for 15 minutes, at home to get the best results.

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