How to get rid of hand brown spots

Hand brown spots appear as you get older, but there are many other causes, such as sun exposure. There are expensive treatments for this issue, but we recommend you only the natural ones.

How to get rid of hand brown spots

    Aloe Vera Gel

Hand marks can appear without even noticing it and in time our hands become less attractive. If you apply Aloe Vera gel you help your skin regenerate, stimulate blood circulation and prevent skin premature aging and mark formation.


It is a remedy used since Antiquity for its bleaching properties. But, you have to use it only at night as if the skin takes contact with your skin, lemon juice can be very dangerous. How to proceed? Squeeze lemon juice over two slices of cucumber and rub the affected area with the cucumber. Wash after 20 minutes.

    Apple vinegar

Mix one teaspoon of vinegar with hand cream and leave it on overnight. Vinegar will remove the stains in time.

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