Receding Gums Grow Back In 2 Weeks With Natural Home Remedies

Receding gums situation happens when the tissues gum of the teeth corrodes and it looks your gums recede backwards. So the large surface of your teeth is exposed and more visible. When your gums go back, so the space between the gum line and the teeth rises. That is perfect place for bacteria growth. 

Receding Gums Grow Back In 2 Weeks With Natural Home Remedies

Receding gums are quite a common problem which develops slowly and without symptoms in the beginning. The most common symptom is your teeth looking visibly bigger as well as toothache and sensitivity to hot and cold. The earlier you spot the signs of the condition, the better.

Common symptoms

Receding gums is a the most common health issue. Many of us neglected it or treated improperly because recession develops slowly. You will need to check your teeth carefully in order to see if there are any initial symptoms. It’s better to prevent and to treat it before it reaches more sever stage.


Receding gums initial symptoms :

  • higher sensitivity ,Tooth pain/ache , larger or longer looking teeth .

Therefore, it is important to immediately take action. And visit  your dentist doctor as soon as you notice even a tiny gap between the gums and teeth. Then you will remove plague and tartar from the area between and beyond the gum line. However, if your situation is not that serious, you can prevent receding gums using natural homemade remedies.


Main causes for receding gums:

  1. Don’t brush your teeth aggressively.
  2. Bacterial infection in the gums.
  3. Lack of oral hygiene.
  4. Don’t brush your teeth aggressively.
  5. Smoking is also a reason for receding gums.
  6. Don’t brush your teeth aggressively.
  7. Put pressure on your teeth can cause receding gums.
  8. Hormone imbalance can lead to receding gums.


Homemade Treatment

Green tea

It has an abundance of health benefits. Green tea is full of antioxidants that fight the free radicals. Which can cause periodontal disease and which can lead to receding gums. It helps in destroying any periodontal disease. Its anti-inflammatory properties will lower the swelling of the gums that cause oral diseases.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the most common for skin care. It repairs your skin cell structure. It treats receding gums effectively, mostly because its capacity to fight inflammation.

Coconut Oil Or Sesame

Both sesame and coconut oil have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to destroy bacteria in the mouth and remove toxins and chemicals from it. Both will coat your teeth nicely and protect them from further bacterial attack. Just swish a bit of sesame or coconut oil in your mouth for 15 minutes, then spit out and don’t rinse with water.


Eucalyptus contains essential oils, So that the essential oils gets from herbs ,which are stronger than the herb itself. We often use few drops of essential oils in many recipes. The essential oils can destroy germs and bacteria from your mouth. They will protect you from any oral diseases. Eucalyptus has many anti-inflammatory properties. With these properties it helps in reducing the swelling in the gums.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil has achieved its fame thanks to its potent anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which can promote gum reconstruction, treat halitosis, aid in the growing back of gums and boosts gum regeneration, all while refreshing your breath thanks to its powerful scent. However, do not apply too much of this oil as it can damage the tooth enamel.


Homemade lemon oil:

You will need:

  • half cup of olive oil
  • 1 freshly squeezed lemon juice


Mix the olive oil in a air tight jar and add the lemon juice. Cover and shake it well. Leave the mixture for a couple of weeks. Remember to shake the jar every day. You can use it after three of four weeks.


Take some lemon oil on your toothbrush and rub it gently on the gums for some time. Repeat the procedure once a week.


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