3 Exercises to Tone Your Legs in Just 3 Minutes a Day

As academy coaches say, the most important thing about training is consistency. But let's be honest, exercising every day is not exactly the funniest thing in the world.

The best is when we start a training knowing that in a short time we will achieve good results. Not spending time in workout, in this case, is critical for its success.

3 Exercises to Tone Your Legs in Just 3 Minutes a Day

The short workout routine created by Tracy Anderson, who works with celebrities, eliminates the fat accumulated around the knees and thighs.

In this article, we will delve into this short training routine and provide some tips so that the legs do not get too tired and bloated on a daily basis. Before beginning any new routine, talk to a professional to find out what your limits are.

What to do to make the legs thinner?

Training place:

Duration of training: 3 minutes.
Beginning of training: Upon waking up or before bed.
Regularity: Every day.

1. Strengthen the front of the thighs

In this workout, we shall be working to slim down the front part of the thighs, knees and abdomen.

Initial position: Lie on your back and keep your arms straight on the ground along your body. Lift your legs (straight) at a right angle to your body as shown in the given image below. In shifts, bend each leg and return it to the starting position. Keep the knees together and create tension in the front part of your thighs.

Repetition: 10 times with each leg.

Correct execution: You should feel a heat on the inside of the legs.

Important note: In the starting position, the knees should be straight.

2. Strengthening the back of the thighs

In this exercise, we shall be working on the back & front of the thighs, knees and abdomen. This exercise has 2 parts to it. Let’s check them.

First Part: First lie on your back facing up and stretch your legs straight up in the sky. Keep your knees together and bend each of your legs in turns. While bending your legs, it is important to keep your thighs in straight position, and that you try to reach the heels in the glutes. (The workout is same as the exercise#1)

Repetition: 10 times with each leg.

Second Part: As an initial position, lie with your belly up and lift your legs slightly bent as shown in the image. Raise your legs by separating your buttocks from the floor while creating the tension in your upper legs.

Repetition: 20 times.

3. Strengthening the Inner Thighs

In this third and final workout, we shall target the entire upper part of the legs, glutes and abdomen.

How to perform? : Lie on your back, face up and hand straight on the ground. Now, raise both legs and cross over pressing each other. Bend your knees toward you, and then return to the starting position.

Important note: The legs should be positioned one over the other.

Repetition: 10 times with the right leg over the left and 10 times the reverse.

Bonus workouts:

Here are some bonus exercises; great for people with tired legs. But there are some ways to avoid tiredness.

Experts talk about 3 simple rules:

  • Walking: Yes, it may seem like a paradox, but walking helps lessen the inflammation and pain in the legs. The key is to wear comfortable sneakers. An effective program of 30 to 60 minutes of hiking, 3 times a week, helps in blood circulation.
  • Exercises for the ankles: This one you can do anytime and anyplace. Just stretch your ankle back and forth to activate the circulation and strengthen your ankles.
  • Swimming: If you go to the gym, do not forget to swim. Swimming is great for the body to retain less water. It also helps to improve blood circulation and perfect to supercharge your metabolism.

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