Belly Exercises That Can Be Done In A Chair

We are all guilty of getting lazy sometimes and we would all just love to be able to lose weight, gain muscle, and stay healthy – all while we’re doing our desk jobs. But sometimes, my friends, even that’s possible.

Belly Exercises That Can Be Done In A Chair

Here are some of the best belly exercises that you can do by simply using a chair – yes, the same one you’re sitting on right now.


Lift Your Knees To Your Chest

This exercise burns a lot of fat and it strengthens your abdomen. You just need to sit straight on your chair with your feet hip-distance apart. Raise your right knee all the way to your chest while keeping your back straight and then put it back down and do the same with the left knee. 15 times per leg.

Lift Both Knees

Sit straight on the chair and hold the sides of the chair while bringing both knees to your chest. Hold the position for a second, and then bring them down. Do this 20 times while not touching the ground when you lower your feet.

Side Bends With Double Knee Lift

To be able to perform this exercise, you need to repeat the entire posture like before, but add a little side bending to both sides. Make it a controlled movement, and hold onto the sides of the chair for easier movements. 20 times per side.

Lift your knees to your elbows

Sit straight on the chair, keep your hands interlocked behind your head and slowly start bringing your right knee up. Extend your left elbow to meet the knee half-way while at the same time – keeping the knee upwards until they interlock. Then you go back to the original position. 20 times per side.

Touch your toes

Touching your toes will allow you to fully work out your abdomen. The only thing you need to do is sit straight on your chair with your feet hip-distance apart. Next, you raise your hands in the air. Your left hand touches your right toe and your right hand touches your left toe – all with a moment of relaxation in the primary pose in between. 20 times per side.


Stand next to a chair and hold its sides. Raise the free hand above your head and bend your leg backward, in a way that your touchie touches your heel. In the end, touch your heel by placing your hand on it. 20 times per side.

Lift your entire body

Sit on the chair straightened up and grab the seat tightly. Try to see if you can raise your body off the seat simply just by using your two hands. The point is to bring the knees closer to your chest and hold them there for 15 sec. Try doing 4 rounds.

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