Don’t Shave Your Private Parts Before Reading This

There is a reason behind the existence of all of our organs and bodily features. As humans evolved, their body evolved as well, developing a number of features in the process, which later on help it survive the ever-evolving times.

By now, you might be sick and tired of body hair and it might seem redundant to you, but evolution says something different. In fact, our body hair is there to regulate our body temperature and help out the process of sweating, which is one of the most crucial processes for maintaining the normal body temperature. But what about pubic hair?

Don’t Shave Your Private Parts Before Reading This

Even pubic hair comes with a function. It acts as a  sort-of cushion, if you like to see it that way, and protects the skin from abrasions and cuts, while at the same time, it keeps the vaginal opening protected from dust and bacteria.

People have developed a lot of ways to remove pubic hair, some of which include waxing, laser removal, electrolysis, shaving, etc. While all these methods have their pros and cons, women usually choose to shave as it’s inexpensive and fairly easy to do.

But on the other hand, shaving is also known to make the hairs thicker and increase their volume. This claim has no grounding in truth and you can safely say that it’s just a myth. But still, there are other cons with shaving that we would like to cover in this article and make you familiar with them. Here we go:

  1. You can’t have a smooth pubic area if you don’t shave quite frequently, and if you do, you’re risking getting micro-abrasions or cuts on the skin, which can make the area vulnerable to infections.
  2. Razor burns are a thing with shaving.
  3. Shaving increases your risk of having ingrown hair, which is uncomfortable and painful.
  4. Contracting an STI is easier as hair removal in those areas leads to the removal of a skin membrane, which makes it easy for the bacteria to enter the body. But this risk is generally present with all hair removal treatments.
  5. You are under a risk of developing folliculitis in your genital area if you’re shaving. That’s a condition that makes your skin full of tiny red bumps that contain pus in them. This condition is absolutely treatable and it’s not harmful, but it can lead to scarring.

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