Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong – You Just Don’t Know It

Sometimes we’re just too used to doing things a certain way because we’ve always done things that way. We don’t have anyone to tell us that we’ve done things wrong because it seems like most of the people around us are used to doing things the very same way too.

Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong – You Just Don’t Know It

So here we will bust some of the myths about the things you think are good for you vs the things that are actually good for you, or for the surroundings, depending on the situation.


1. Drinking water after a big meal

Everyday Things You’re Doing Wrong – You Just Don’t Know It

By now we know that the popular theory about water diluting gastric juices is a myth. However, drinking a glass of water after a big meal is still a very bad thing to do because it can result in a heavy bloated feeling.

2. Drinking Ice Cold Water


Drinking cold water after a meal can slow down the digestion process, so always make sure your water is at the right temperature before drinking it. Tap water has the ideal temperature.

3. Storing tomatoes


The ideal storage temperature for tomatoes is around 55ºF. The thing about keeping tomatoes in the fridge is that that way you’ll prevent ripe tomatoes from developing mold. However, if you keep ripe tomatoes at the fridge temperature of 35ºF, they will lose flavor.

4. Washing your face with piping hot or ice cold water


You will throw the pH balance off the chart if you go from one extreme to the other when it comes to washing your face. Your skin can get either more greasy or dry, depending on the process. It’s best to wash your face with lukewarm water.

5. Flushing with the lid up


Since bacteria can jump up to 10 above the toilet seat when you flush with your lid up, even your toothbrush is at risk of catching splashes of fecal matter.

6. You’re not storing herbs according to their type


Hardy herbs (like rosemary, oregano, thyme, etc.) need to be stored in a glass container with their stems in water – inside or outside the fridge, although inside is preferable. On the other hand, tender herbs such as parsley, cilantro, celery, or mint are better kept in paper bags or plastic bags in the fridge.

7. Taking a warm shower in the morning


Don’t take hot showers in the morning because they will dry up your skin for the rest of the day – and to be honest, nothing wakes you up like a cold shower. If you’re taking a shower in the evening, then you can make it a warmer one – it will relax your body and you’ll be able to sleep better.

8. Reheating plastic containers


The heat from the microwave can release various chemicals inside the food when you’re heating it, depending on the plastic you’re using. It’s always best to reheat your food in plates or glass containers.

9. You wash chicken, but not tin cans


Chicken should not be washed as it can contaminate various areas after washing, it’s best to just cook directly to avoid cross-contamination. Tin cans should always be washed to avoid dirt falling into the food, or drink – especially when you’re opening up a can of soda and you’re about to put it in your mouth.

10. You’re using Teflon with high heat


Non-stick pans can become dangerous for your health if you’re not using them correctly. Teflon should not be heated above 500ºF.

11. You eat too fast


When you’re eating too fast, you have a chance to overeat because your mind can’t tell your body that it’s full. This is an efficient way to lose weight as well – just eat slowly.

12. You’re Watching TV while eating


Again, being aware of how much food you eat is really important, and it’s easy to overeat when you’re focused on your favorite TV show rather than your plate.

13. You drink coffee right after you wake up


The time at which you drink coffee actually influences your caffeine tolerance, according to a recently conveyed study. The stress hormone that is named Cortisol, which is the main hormone responsible for keeping us alert, has a spike right after we wake up – and two more times during the day. If you drink coffee during one of the cortisol peaks, your body might get used to creating less cortisol.

14. You don’t eat burgers circularly


The right way to eat a burger, according to science this time, is to mentally divide it into 8 parts and turn it around instead of eating it “linearly.”

15. Holding your burger too tightly


If you hold your burger too tightly, most of the food inside will leak out and fall. You need a firm grip, but not to tight.

16. Eating Pringles using an A4


Just insert an a4 inside the package and pull it out with the chips on top of it like it’s shown in the picture.

17. Peeling bananas


Monkeys are the greatest banana eaters and they do it the right way by instinct. The handle needs to be opposite the part you start peeling from.

18. Eating Chinese takeout without turning it into a plate


There’s a handy way to eat your noodles, just make a plate out of the box.

19. Dissolving sugar in a circular stirring motion instead of a linear one


Circular stirring is by far the most popular way of dissolving sugar, but what’s popular is not always what’s best. Dissolving the sugar in a linear motion actually helps to reduce splashes and allows you to dissolve sugar cubes faster.

20. Flushing toilet paper


Most of us flush toilet paper, but in countries like Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, etc., toilet paper should be thrown in the trash can next to the toilet seat because the sewage systems in those countries are equipped to cope with toilet paper, even if it’s highly degradable in water.

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