Health Conditions You Can Detect Through Your Breath

Having a bad breath is never a good thing. It makes us feel uncomfortable and it lowers our self-esteem and self-confidence, especially when we’re in an environment where we would like to prove our worth.

But sometimes having bad breath is really not something you can control and it can actually point out to more serious conditions that you are not really aware of. Sometimes it’s as simple as hygiene. So let’s cover all the possible scenarios and find out what’s causing your bad breath.

Health Conditions You Can Detect Through Your Breath

1. Bacterial Imbalance In The Mouth

Bad breath originates in the mouth, so there is a high probability that the problem is in the environment of the mouth.  People’s mouths are home to hundreds of different bacteria, most of which are harmless and are there just to aid digestion.  However, if there’s too much of this bacteria, this might result in bad breath.

2. Bad Dental Hygiene

If your dental hygiene is not at its highest, then that can also lead to bad breath. Our teeth are covered in a colorless film of bacteria that is also known as plaque. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, there might be a plaque build up, which can result in pockets between the teeth and your gums. Once food particles get stuck in these pockets, they rot and cause bad breath.

3. Improper Diet

Don’t starve yourself and keep an eye on your diet to avoid “hunger breath” or “ Ketosis-breath’. When you are on a diet, your body is deprived of glucose, so it needs energy supplements and it usually gets them from the fat stored in our body. The process of fat breakdown produces a chemical compound called ketone. Sometimes these ketones are the ones responsible for your bad breath.

4. Sugar

Sugary foods act as a food source for the bacteria. So don’t be surprised if you have a bad breath due to feeding the bacteria in your mouth with foods rich in sugar that will lead to a pile-up of smell-causing bacteria in the mouth.

5. Alcohol and Cigarettes

Drinking and smoking both cause an odor without having a bad breath already. However, smoking and alcohol can make the problem worse if the person consuming these vices already suffers from a bad breath. Smoking is also considered to be one of the most serious causes for gum diseases and other oral disorders.

6. Too Much Coffee

Yes, coffee definitely gets you started like nothing else, but it might be the one responsible for your bad breath too. Both coffee and all other caffeine substances can make your mouth dry and your body dehydrated, which is a perfect environment for the smelly anaerobic bacteria to grow and thrive in.

7. Diabetes

If your breath smells kinda fruity, then this might just be a sign of diabetes. Pay really close attention to this. A person suffering from diabetes is more likely to suffer from gum diseases, but sometimes one of the side effects can also be bad breath.

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