If You Have A Mole At One Of These 7 Places On Your Body This Is What It Means-Y…

Skin beauty is one of the most sensitive areas for women. Weather conditions, misused cosmetic products or genetics may cause deterioration of the skin structure. In particular, using the wrong cosmetic products can cause signs of premature aging. In order to prevent the signs of premature aging and to protect the health of the skin, it is necessary to take care of the skin care. Here are 9 tips for flawless skin…

If You Have A Mole At One Of These 7 Places On Your Body This Is What It Means-Y…

1. Use the “4-2-4 ″ method when washing

For flawless skin, one of the most popular “4-2-4 ″ method is a skin cleansing method. In this method, the skin is massaged with care oil for 4 minutes and then the skin is cleaned with a cleaning gel for 2 minutes. Then the skin is rinsed with water for 4 minutes.

2. Use a Konjac sponge to clean your skin
Konjac sponge is produced from konjac plant and used in skin care. In regular use, the sponge cleans the dirt, oil and black spots on the skin and opens the pores. However, before using the sponge for a few minutes in soft water to soften, then gently squeeze and clean your face with circular movements. Starting from your forehead, you can go down to your chin area.

3. Skin care once a week
To make your skin look healthier and skin imperfections go away, apply a skin care mask regularly. Therefore, you should do skin care at least once a week. When applying the products you will receive in accordance with your skin type, you should first start with light textured ones. You can then apply a little more dense consistency and finally apply the creams. The products you apply in this way will penetrate your skin more easily.

4. Use sunscreen all year round
To protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun, sunscreen should be used not only in summer but also in other seasons. Harmful sunlight, known as UV, can cause skin discoloration, early signs of aging, and skin cancer in later stages. For this reason, you should use sunscreens with appropriate protection all year round.

5. Benefit from rice water for your skin color
Rice juice is one of the skin care products used for centuries. Rice water, which is used to lighten the skin and achieve a flawless appearance, is one of the preferred applications especially in Asia. Regularly applying rice water on your skin will equalize the color tone of the skin and give it a brighter appearance.

6. Take advantage of green tea and mint
Mint and green tea are used in skin care. You can make alternative skin care masks with mint and green tea which are included in many cosmetic products and you can use green tea as a tonic. With regular use, green tea will make your skin look healthier.

7. Apply products to your skin by foaming
Especially in Asia, many women prefer to foam products instead of rubbing products on their skin. This accelerates the blood flow in the skin and makes the skin look more alive. You can also foam products with special sponges.

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