Sexual Traits You Might Have & Should Probably Play Up, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's normal to have different tendencies in bed, but the reasoning behind those sexual traits just might have to do with your birthday. Here's the thing: You might notice you have certain sexual traits based on your zodiac sign that you should be playing up with your partner (and chances are, they are totally a turn-on, by the way). No matter what your unique quality is, use it to your advantage to make the connection even deeper and the sex that much hotter.

Sexual Traits You Might Have & Should Probably Play Up, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on finding time for sex, whether that be self-pleasure or with a significant other. As a basic human need, finding that intimate time to unwind is super important for promoting wellbeing and decreasing stress, and if you've happened to find someone you really like to share in the experience with, you should try and make the most of it. Of course, the first step is to feel comfortable and confident in your own abilities and learning to read your own body and its needs. From there, you can figure out how best to please your partner and get in sync. By figuring out your greatest quality in bed, based on your sign, you have the ability to make sex awesome (as it'll be aligned with your tendencies and desires). Here are the sexual traits you should know, based on the zodiac, as provided by astrologers Joe Mares and Alyssa Sharpe, over email with Bustle.

1. Aries

Running your hands through hair is a major plus for Aries. "The head is the Aries erogenous zone. Touching their head, head massages, things like that could turn them on. They may even go for a little hair pulling," Mares and Sharpe say. What's more, "Aries might do this to you as well because people tend to do to others what they want to be done to them," Mares explains.

2. Taurus

This is where all the senses come into play. "Taurus is the sign of the five senses. When you're having sex with a Taurus they want to touch, feel, smell, hear and taste everything," say Mares and Sharpe. Think: food, wine, flowers, scented lube, and more.

"Their erogenous zone is the throat," Mares adds. "They're not opposed to you kissing their neck and caressing it, even the guys."

3. Gemini

Get ready for some chattiness in bed. "Gemini are the communicators, so they like to talk about sex even while they're having it. They like to talk about what you're doing to them, or what they're doing to you," Mares and Sharpe say. "The erogenous zone is their hands. They like to touch all over the place. Both in touching and talking they love having a fun, playful time, and that's how they treat their sex."

4. Cancer

If you're into boobs, get excited. "The erogenous zone for the Cancer is the chest. All activity focused on the chest and nurturing is what they're all about," say Mares and Sharpe. Mares adds that since Cancers "like to nurture and caress," you can expect that to be part of the bedroom experience.

5. Leo

Here's where a back massage could be for more than just a post-workout recovery plan. "Their erogenous zone is their back, so touching and massaging their back is a plus," say Mares and Sharpe.

"The Leo is the king, and they take pride in their ability to perform. They also tend to have a lot of partners just because they can," Mares adds.

6. Virgo

"Virgos like to take control of situations because they feel like they are the only ones that can do it when it comes to the bedroom," say Mares and Sharpe. What's more, "Virgos erogenous zone is their stomach, so they like their stomaches touched, kissed, and caressed," as it's a sensitive area.

7. Libra

You know how stress in life can wreak havoc on the back? Libras really feel that pain, as they are stressed out a lot. "Their erogenous zone is their lower back, as they carry a lot of weight and stress in their lower back. So maybe a nice lower back massage can help relieve some of that stress," say Mares and Sharpe. There's some good news, though: "Libras are also pleasers; if you’re not satisfied, they aren’t satisfied. It’s simple as that," the astrologists say.

8. Scorpio

If your partner is a scorpio, you have it easy. "Their erogenous zone is their genitals, so they don’t need a lot of foreplay; all you really need to do is just touch it," Mares and Sharpe say. "An important note is that they are not as promiscuous as you think. They prefer to have one partner and for it to be a meaningful experience with a meaningful partner. They’re all about that deeper connection."

9. Sagittarius

No hair pulling for this sign. Just don't do it. "They don’t really mess around, and they’re not really the type to like getting their hair pulled," say Mares and Sharpe. What's more, ladies with nice booties, listen up. "Their erogenous zone is the hip and the thigh area, so Sagittarius guys will tend to go for girls with a nice booty," Mares and Sharpe add.

10. Capricorn

Stick to the bed with a Capricorn, and know you might have passionate, emotional sex. "They want to do things that are meaningful and, they are not that much into meaningless flings," Mares and Sharpe say. "They are in it for the long haul and they rule tantric sex."

Here's where the laying down part comes in: "Their erogenous zone is the knee, so their knees are very sensitive but also a little weak, so you might want to rethink having standing sex for long periods of time," the two astrologists say.

11. Aquarius

Get ready to hear the word "weird" a lot. "Aquarius like weird stuff. They might just want to see how long they can go even if it’s not fun for anyone anymore, and while they may not be into sharp objects, they will be into bounding and gagging, and all that weird stuff," say Mares and Sharpe. Again, weird, but experimental in bed. "The Aquarius erogenous zone is the ankle so rubbing and spending time around there is always nice." Also weird.

12. Pisces

Here's where a good foot massage comes in handy: "Pisces' erogenous zone is the feet, so they really love foot massages and they also tend to have most foot fetishes," Mares and Sharpe say. What's more, your partner might be looking to settle down, as "Pisces is also very deeply emotional about sex, so they tend to take their sex very seriously."

Now that you know your hidden qualities based on your sign, start playing them up. Your partner might totally be into it, and you'll be able to enhance your personal sexual experience, as well.

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