7 Best Exercises To Reduce Saddle Bags Fat

The excess fat around our thighs and hips is called saddlebags. It is very hard to describe how the saddlebags look, and you can simply try to look at the back of your hips. The saddlebags are right under your butt cheeks, right below the hips. That is where mostly they are accumulated.

7 Best Exercises To Reduce Saddle Bags Fat

To eliminate fat from this are a of your body can be quite challenging and hard, it requires a lot of hard work, and it takes some time for the results to be visible. Make sure you make some changes in your diet and do these exercises below, if you want to see results quickly!

1. Bent-Knee Reverse Hip Raise

On a Roman chair, lay down with your face down, or if you don’t have a roman chair, a sturdy bench is okay, but make sure your hips and legs are hanging off of it, and you can move them completely free.

Hug the chair or the bench with your hands, in order to be more stable. Then contract your butt, brace every core muscle in order to lift your legs and hips off the ground and keep them parallel to the ground.

Make sure your neck and head are aligned, hold that position for a few seconds and then you should bend your knees and straighten them again.

With that move you’ve made one rep. Do a couple of sets of 20 repetitions. Between the sets you should take half a minute breaks.

2. Side Saddle Leg Lifts

Lay down on the floor, on your side, make sure your legs are extended and flex both of your feet. The top hand should be placed in front of your abdomen. While the other hand should be placed underneath your head, to support yourself. During this time the bottom leg should stay on the ground.

Then raise your top leg by pushing through your hips, it should go about 8 inches in the air. Then make very small pulses upwards, you should be able to do about 20. Then when you reach the highest point with your leg, make small circles in the air, also you should be able to do about 20.

Then don’t lower the leg, keep it in that position just bend your knee and straighten it again. Do 20 reps of this movement, don’t lower the leg keep it at the same level, push through your heels. Then you may finish the exercise by lowering and lifting the entire leg, lower it t the ground and then lift it all the way up to the ceiling, do 20 reps of this motion as well.

3. Single-Leg Hip Raise

Lay down on the floor, then bend one of your legs, while keeping the other one straight. Raise the straight leg of the floor, in order to form a 45 degree angle.

Your arms should be placed on your sides, relaxing. Then press through your heel and brace the core muscles in order to lift your hips off the ground.

Once your hips are in the air, make sure you form a straight line from your feet to your shoulders. Hold that body position for a couple of seconds, then go back in the starting position. You should do about 15 repetitions.

Then you can do the same thing but with the other leg, and do the same number of repetitions. Make no pause between these sets.

4. Step-Ups

Find a bench or a step, that when you stand in front of it and place one leg on it, your knee should form at least a 90 degree angle. Then you should step up about 20 times or more, then do it with the other leg. Make sure that when you step up you put both legs on the bench or the step.

Be careful, when you step down, go down with one leg, then bring the other one as well. Make sure both of your legs are on the ground.

Then you may do it with the other leg as well, do 20 repetitions or more.

5. Squat Step with Resistance Band

With this killer move you will be able to tone your glutes and quads. Make sure the movements you make are quick, forth and back, do it for a minute, as much repetitions as possible.

6. Plank Booty Leg Lifts

Get an exercising ball, lie on it and use your hands to walk your upper body off the ball, in order to only keep your feet on the ball. Make sure the hands are aligned with your shoulders.

Make sure your body is completely straight, keep your back and butt straight and parallel to the floor, also maintain a stability.

Then raise one of your legs in the air, and lower it on the ball, but when you lower it do not touch the ball. This is one rep, you should be able to do at least 10 repetitions with each leg. Then when you are done switch legs.

7. Squat with a Kick

Stand tall with you feet, shoulder-width apart. Then kick in front of you with one of your legs and bring it in the starting position.

Then do a squat, once you’ve done it kick with the other leg and do another squat. This is the exercise, you should do at least 15 repetitions. This exercise is the one that is targeting your hip area the most.

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