Best Exercises to Lose Inner Thigh Fat at Home

Your body needs a substantial amount of fat to protect vital organs, improve their function and sustain life. However, excess fat can accumulate if you consume more calories than your body can sustain or burn. Your genetics also play a crucial role in determining how the excess fat is distributed in your body.

For most women, this fat tends to collect around the inner thighs, lower belly, hips and buttocks. For men, the fat usually accumulates around the lower abdomen and sometimes the inner thighs. So how do you cut down body fat and especially inner thigh fats?

Best Exercises to Lose Inner Thigh Fat at Home

This article highlights how fat accumulates around specific body parts and especially around the inner thigh and buttocks and safe, easy exercises to lose thigh fat some of which can also help you to tone up your thighs. But before we do, let us first understand the common causes of thigh fat.

What Are The Main Causes Of Inner Thigh Fat?

Some people, especially women, tend to store body fat around the buttocks, hips and abdomen. Quite often, this is a genetic issue, and you may have no control over it. However, you can determine the amount of fat your body retains. The major causes of excess body fat typically include:

  • High-calorie intake
  • Consuming foods low in nutrients
  • Sedentary lifestyle

The good news is that you can modify these causes to control your fat amounts and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Keep reading to learn more about inner thigh slimming exercises you can try at home.

Can I lose Thigh Fat Easily?

Many people assume losing inner thigh fat is much easier than losing overall body fat. On the contrary, this fitness routine is just as rigorous and requires considerable effort before you can see results. Furthermore, you cannot choose or determine the amount of fat to lose or retain on specific parts of the body. Losing inner thigh fat, therefore, depends on the following factors:

Overall Genetics

Your genetics determine how many fat cells there are in your body and their specific locations. This is a natural phenomenon that you cannot change; hence it’s called non-modifiable. However, some people can lose weight around the butt and thigh, while others can do so around the breast and arms. It all depends on an individual, and you may not realize you’re losing weight from a specific part of your body until the extra fat begins to reduce.

Your Diet

Your overall diet is yet another factor determining how fast and in which part of the body you lose weight. This is because some foods highly contribute to weight gain instead of weight loss. If you’re keen on losing weight around specific body parts, particularly the inner thigh and butt, here is a list of foods that burn belly fat fast.

How Active You Are

Although your diet plays a significant role in your weight loss journey, physical exercises are another major catalyst. An inactive lifestyle can result in you accumulating weight over time, but with regular leg fat burning exercises, you can burn off more calories and even build muscle in the process.


Yet another factor that contributes to accelerated weight gain is increased stress levels, poor or unhealthy sleep lifestyle, insufficient hydration and thyroid issues. If you’re not having the right amount of sleep each night, you need to change your lifestyle to accommodate good quality sleep.

Types Of Exercises To Help Tone Up Your Inner Thighs

The good news with excess fat around the inner thighs is that whether they’re caused by genetics or sleep disorders, you can burn them off with specific exercises. These exercise routines are ideal for toning thigh muscles and improving the appearance of your inner thighs. It is advisable to consistently follow these exercise routines then repeat them several times at least three times a week for best results.

Here’s a tip on how to get rid of thigh fat: If you don’t have much time to dedicate to routine exercises, you can make the most of every second such as doing plie squats or curtsy lunges when you’re brushing your teeth each morning. Fortunately, these lunges can be done without dumbbells. Here are the exercise routines specifically for toning your inner thighs.

Curtsy Lunges

Curtsy Lunges

To make curtsy lunges, start by standing with your feet wide apart. Position your chest upright with your shoulders lowered down. Cross your left leg over the right one from behind, then slowly squats down until you’re in a curtsy position.

While in this lowered position, position your body upright, then uncross your leg to a normal position. Repeat this with the right leg crossed over the left for at least 20 seconds or 10 -15 times. If you want a better challenge, consider using two dumbbells by holding one in each hand to boost resistance.

Lunges Using Dumbbells

Lunges Using Dumbbells

Stand with your feet apart and hold a dumbbell in each hand. However, if you’re a beginner, you can perform this exercise without a dumbbell. Position your legs forward, then lunge forward with your knee a few inches off the ground. If you’d like a new challenge, consider doing a bicep curl while lunging forward.

Ensure your torso and spine remains upright. Push your leg back into the starting point and repeat with the left leg. It should take at least 30 seconds for each leg. Repeat as long as you want.

Pile Squats

Pile Squats

Begin by standing at ease with your legs spread wide and your feet pointing forward. Place your hands on both hips, then lower slowly into a squat. Ensure your spine remains upright. Rise up slowly, then repeat. It should be done for at least 30 seconds and more than ten times or until you grow tired.


Skaters exercise to lose thigh fat

Start by making a curtsey lunge as detailed above. Position your left leg behind the right with bended knees. Press on each side, then land from the left side to the right while still maintaining the curtsy lunge position.

Switch off and repeat on each leg. Depending on how fit you are, you can either hop or make quick steps. Challenge yourself further by lifting the back left off the ground. Repeat for at least twenty times for each leg.

Medicine Ball Side Lunge

Medicine Ball Side Lunge exercise to lose thigh fat

When performing this exercise to lose thigh fat, you need a medicine ball, although it’s optional. Begin by standing upright with your feet a little wider than the distance of your hip width. Hold the medicine ball with both hands and bring it to your chest. However, if you’re busy starting and have no response, perform this exercise without a medicine ball for starters. Step left, bend the left knee and squat in that direction.

Slowly lower the body until your thigh is almost close to the floor. Ensure the medicine ball remains at your chest and should move with your left hip, shoulder and elbow when you squat. Rise gradually until you get to the starting point. Repeat for at least 30 seconds and 15 times for each leg.

Supine Inner Thigh Lift

Supine Inner Thigh Lift exercise to lose thigh fat

For this exercise to lose thigh fat, lie flat on your back and engage your abs. Spread out your hands on either side, then flex your feet and lift your legs high up to the ceiling. Lift your left leg to maintain an elevated position and lower the right leg with your left hip unmoved. It should remain on the ground and not lifted up.

Ensure your feet remain flexed all the time. Now bring your right leg into the same position as the left leg, then join them together at the top while still raised in the air. Do this at least 15 times for each leg.

Further Exercises

In addition to the above training routines, you can make your daily walk or run more intense with an incline boost. You can perform an intense incline workout on an indoor treadmill or outside on a steep location. This is because running or walking in a steep location helps strengthen the thigh muscles. If you’re training on a treadmill, you can increase the incline by at least 15 percent.

Alternatively, find an uphill area and start from there. It is advisable to train uphill at least three times a week, then scale up with time. You can start with hill or treadmill training followed by the exercises to lose thigh fat above, or you can begin with the exercises then perform the hill training afterward. Whatever works for you.

Is Spot Training Recommended?

Spot training is the art of training a specific part of the body or a single muscle to burn fat. For instance, you can choose to conduct several crunches each day to lose belly fat. However, there’s a high chance this approach will not work.

Even most fitness professionals agree that spot training is not practical and therefore not recommended. Instead, you stand a better chance of losing more fat if you take a whole-body training approach that involves training multiple muscles at once, for example, pushups or squats.

These exercises, if combined with a 30 minutes high-intensity interval training (HIIT)  for at least three weeks, can yield tremendous results.

So How Can You Lose Inner Thigh Fat Effectively?

Your body fat can accumulate on your inner thighs beneath the skin (subcutaneous) or within your muscles (intramuscular). You can get rid of this excess body fat by cutting down on your daily calorie intake and doing routine exercises.

To give you some heads-up, here are some of the easiest and science-backed natural weight loss ideas. Otherwise, to reduce your calorie intake, consider taking smaller meal portions per day, cutting down on junk and other processed foods and cutting down on sugary beverages.

Ensure you adopt a new diet rich in whole foods and altogether ditch processed foods. Whole foods that include fruits and vegetables and lean proteins are highly recommended. If you have trouble cutting down certain foods, you can talk to your nutritionist to help you create and personalize a new diet plan.

Understanding Aerobics And  Anaerobic Exercise

Aerobics include biking, running, swimming and even walking to improve your heart rates. On the other hand, anaerobic exercises include training to boost your strength. It also entails sprinting or interval training. All these are short, intense activities with powerful results.

The two forms of exercise are vital not only for losing your inner thigh fat but also for your overall health. Furthermore, studies indicate that HIIT exercise is highly effective for losing fat around the body’s midsection. You can improve your aerobics and build your body muscles simultaneously with interval training. And since these workouts are generally quick, you’ll save considerable workout time.

Here is everything you need to know about aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Buttock Exercises

Buttocks and inner thigh exercises go hand in hand. When you set out to get your legs and inner thighs in shape, it’s only logical that you want to trim your butt as well, so every part of your midsection is proportional to the other. That said, here are some joint butt exercises to try out.

Quadruped Banded Kickback

The quadruped-banded kickback is one of the most accessible forms of butt exercises to try. It’s simple and yields quick results as far as butt trimming goes. For this exercise, you need a closed-end band that you can get on Amazon. The trick is to ensure you train all butts equally.

Hip thrusts

To grow your glutes, you need to do some rigorous hip thrusts. Simply squeeze together with your glutes and hold them in a top position for at least 60 seconds, then repeat. Once you’ve mastered an easy rhythm, you can use a dumbbell by placing it on your hips.

Home Workout Plan

To help you have an easy exercise routine for your inner thighs and butt, you can create a custom home workout plan. This plan consists of curtsey lunges and goblet squats. The first exercise being curtsey lunges, should have three sets and ten repetitions for each leg and three sets and ten repetitions for banded kickbacks. In the following exercise, the Goblet squats should have three sets and 12 repetitions for each leg. While at, consider other parts of the body as well. For example, tig can work on your arms, back or chest. With that said, here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Long Can It Take To Lose Thigh Fat?

So now at least you have an idea of how to get rid of inner thigh fat. The time it takes to complete a full thigh fat exercise regimen depends on the individual. However, it can take between six to twelve weeks if done consistently. After this period, you should expect to see your inner thigh growing slimmer and your butt regaining a firmer shape. 

However, it all depends on your and your overall health conditions. You may even start to notice new changes after three weeks, while some people may not see any results even after 12 weeks. That’s pretty much okay since each of us has a unique body type. Just don’t compare yourself to another person and learn to be patient. However, if you want to motivate yourself and monitor your progress, consider taking before and after pictures for inspiration. Additionally, measure and record your body size, especially your thighs, to document your progress as you train.

Which Foods Cause Thigh Fat?

While there are no specific foods that contribute to excess thigh fat, there are certain types of foods that you should steer clear of if you are trying to lose weight or get rid of thigh fat. These foods are mostly high in calories, contain little or no nutrients and are generally processed. Examples include beverages such as:

  • Soda
  • Alcohol
  • Fast foods
  • Processed juice
  • Pastries
  • Processed grains
  • Foods containing high amounts of vegetable oil.

These categories of food naturally contain little or no calories, have little or no nutritional value. They contain hunger-inducing ingredients that make it impossible to keep your appetite in check.

Types Of Food To Include In Your Diet

When you join a weight loss program with a view of losing weight, either a complete body weight loss or reducing fat in your butt, you should watch out for what you consume. A daily diet of whole foods rich in nutrients is highly recommended. These are 100% natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, cereals etc and not processed foods. They are essentially rich in macro and micronutrients that are vital for your body’s overall function. They include:

  • Nuts
  • Legumes
  • Fresh fruits
  • Lean meat
  • Organic fish
  • Leafy green vegetables

The idea is to eat fewer calories while increasing your nutrients intake.

Can You Reduce Thigh Fat Through Walking?

Walking is an effective natural form of exercise that is commonly underrated. It’s a natural way of losing fat, weight, and staying fit. It’s also the simplest form of physical activity that you can maintain consistently. The American Heart Association recommends at least a 30-minute walk each day to compliment your daily workouts. 

According to the association, such daily walks help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Therefore if you can only commit to one type of exercise each day, let it be a 30-minute walking exercise. While walking may not help you lose thigh fat entirely, it’s an excellent start to burning calories. If possible, you can accompany it with swimming, low-intensity cardio and similar types of aerobic exercise.

Is It Possible to Reduce Thigh Fat Without Exercise?

Burning off your extra thigh fat is more of a nutritional issue than a weight loss problem. You can still achieve it with a proper diet and with minimal exercise. However, it would help if you had the exercise to help tone up the body after losing the extra fat. This will help you avoid developing loose skin.

Therefore the best way to cut down the extra weight in your inner thighs is to cut down on your calorie intake and boost your intake of nutrients.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to burn inner thigh fat in a specific spot in your body, for example. This method of targeting only a small part of your body and ignoring what is called spot reduction. What this means is you may have a specific exercise to lose thigh fat but proportionally. Still, you must train your body as there are enough weight loss exercises.

Having said that, if you want to reduce belly or inner thigh fats, the best approach is to combine regular exercise with a minimal calorie intake.

Can You Lose Thigh Fat In 2 Weeks Or Within A Month?

Losing inner thigh fat within two weeks or one month is both unsustainable and unhealthy. However, when you try to lose weight rapidly, you run the risk of experiencing the following:

  • Having your weight restored
  • Retaining a loose skin
  • New issues with digestive and metabolic systems

The recommended weight loss regimen should target a gradual loss of 1-2lbs each week for over six months. However, note that when you embark on a new weight loss regimen, it is usually easy at first, and you can commit without a problem. However, the main challenge in achieving a sustainable  long term weight loss regimen.

Losing Inner Thigh Fat: Final Words 

This here sums it all up. That’s all there’s to know on the best exercise to lose thigh fat as well as help you burn fat around your midsection, especially the inner thighs, butt and abdomen.

There is a big difference between exercising and weight loss programs. Exercise helps you burn fat, while weight loss primarily depends on your diet. If you don’t consider the type of food you eat, no exercise will help you lose weight. Therefore the best exercise routines that will help you make the most of your efforts comprises full-body training, squats, deadlifts and various types of pressing.

Inner thigh fat is a common body issue that many people, especially women, grapple with. Most days tend to accumulate around the women’s midsection consisting of the inner thighs, butt, and abdomen. You can rectify this problem by maintaining a healthy diet of whole, unprocessed foods. You can also improve body toning by doing the exercises above. High-intensity body training has been found to help cut down body fat significantly. However, each person is unique, and your weight loss journey may be different. As such, it’s advisable to consult with your doctor before engaging in any training activity.

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