Have A Long And Strong Hair In One Month With Only One Recipes

A lot of people, especially women, pay a lot of attention to their hair. They want their hair to be healthy and shiny. However, taking care of your hair shouldn’t be regarded only as a beauty factor, but the health of the hair is an important part of the overall health.

Have A Long And Strong Hair In One Month With Only One Recipes

Nowadays, people suffer from hair loss and unhealthy hair. Luckily, there are several natural remedies which are very helpful for hair problems.

One such remedy is curry leaves which are rich in antioxidants and amino acids that decrease hair fall and encourage hair growth. What’s more, they contain a lot of beta-carotene which limits hair loss and proteins which prevent the thinning of the hair.

Curry leaves can be used through topical application or the diet. If you want to prevent premature graying, mix curry leaves with hair oil and apply the mixture onto your scalp. Then, heat pure or virgin oil and put one handful of fresh curry leaves. Remember to always wash and dry the leaves before using them.

In order to encourage hair growth, make a mixture from handful of curry leaves and some yogurt. Use the mixture as a hair mask and leave it for 20 minutes. Then, rinse your hair with warm water and shampoo. Use this mask on a regular basis so that you rejuvenate the hair follicles and new hair grows faster.

Apply curry leaves directly onto the scalp if you have problems with damaged hair roots. Hence, when the roots are strong, hair growth will speed up automatically. To decrease hair loss, mix 2 to 3 curry leaves and few drops of milk. Mix until a paste is formed and then apply it onto the hair. Leave it for half an hour.

Afterwards, rinse your hair as usually. What’s more, curry leaves have the power to strengthen the hair follicles in a short period of time and hair follicles are important for the hair’s health. Hence, curry leaves have vitamin B6 which acts as a hormone regulator in the process of hair loss.

Additionally, curry leaves can be very useful in weight loss and acne treatment. In order to treat acne, make a mixture from 3 curry leaves and some organic turmeric. Tea from curry leaves is excellent for improvement of the hair’s health. Hence, boil curry leaves in water and drink from the tea daily for seven days. Within these 7 days, you will notice the improvement of your hair.

Curry leaves can be used as an ingredient of a natural hair tonic. Just mix one handful of curry leaves in a bowl with water. Mix the content until the water turns green and leaves soften. Apply from the tonic onto the hair by massaging it for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure twice weekly.

Hair masks which contain curry leaves won’t only clean your scalp but they will also help in the restoring of the hair’s strength and prevent further damage. An additional method for improvement of the hair growth is a mixture of curry leaves and oil. More precisely, you will need one cup of coconut oil and 4 to 5 curry leaves. Put the curry leaves and the coconut oil in a small vessel and then put the vessel in a large bowl of water and heat the water until the oil is heated.

The oil is heated when a black residue forms. Then, apply the residue onto the hair. Repeat the procedure at least twice weekly.

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