How Frequently You Should Track Your Weight

A study conducted by PLOS One magazine tried to determine the frequency which is needed to track your weight. The results of the study can surprise many people.

How Frequently You Should Track Your Weight

The study

Scientists found out participants which went on a diet and tracked their weight every day lost the most weight. The average period for measuring weight without the tendency of increasing it is 5 to 8 days. The study had 2838 tries of 40 people which wanted to lose excess weight. Interesting fact is most of the participants who have lost excess weight, regained it after a period of 3 to 5 years.


Additional Studies
Other studies have been dealing with the same thematic. A study conducted by New England magazine have been monitoring the weight of 314 participants, revealing that those who have determined their weight every day had lower chance of gaining 2-3 kilos or more in the upcoming 18 months.

Another study which was revealed by magazine Obesity studied the results of 3 000 people who have tried to lose weight. The results showed frequent track of body weight has much better chance for you to succeed in your mission. The ones which tracked their body weight daily, had lower tendency to gain weight compared to those which tracked their weight on a weekly basis.

Irrespective of the studies, the body weight tends to change throughout the week. It varies because we don’t eat equally throughout the week and the physical activity is not the same. We weigh the most throughout the weekend because we eat more. Sunday and Monday are worst while the weight tends to even out throughout the rest of the week.

After all it’s only natural for the body weight to fluctuate throughout the week. The authors of the PLOS One study, showed that people whose body weight fluctuates throughout the week maintained their body weight successfully.

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