Why do Doctors Keep this Simple Recipe away from the Public? Here’s how to get rid of Bunions Completely Natural!

When the bone or tissue that is located at the joint at the bottom of the big toe moves out of place, bunions are formed. The big toe is forced by years of abnormal motion and pressure on the joints, so it bends towards the others and in that way is caused an often – painful lump on the joints.

Why do Doctors Keep this Simple Recipe away from the Public? Here’s how to get rid of Bunions Completely Natural!

The joint that is located at the base of the big toe, carries much of your body weight while you walk, and in that way bunions cause severe and constant pain. When you start feeling that your shoes are too tight for wearing, and they cause pain, it may be a sign that the joint had become so stiff and sore.

It has been estimated that around 60% of the patients with hallux valgus have inherited it from a member of the family with the same deformation. Clinical pictures show that most of the pain is caused by the shoes and there occurs an inflammation because of this irritation. In advanced cases, patients complain of more pain, and there is also a possibility for a secondary deformation of other fingers, or secondary degenerative changes in the middle of the foot.

Easy recipes for bunions

First of all, it is very important to clean your body from salt deposits regularly, and you can do it in the following few ways:

– Pour 300 ml of water over a tablespoon of minced bay leaf and cook the mixture for 5 minutes. Prepare this mixture in the evening;

– When the mixture is ready, put it in a thermos and leave it to stay till the next morning;

– In the morning, strain and drink the mixture throughout the day, in small sips, not all at once;

– Every night for three days, prepare new and fresh drink and consume it;

– In seven days, repeat the treatment again;

– When you start feeling frequent need for urinating, don’t be surprised, because that is the sing that comes from the salt dissolving and it slightly irritates the bladder;

– After ten days, you can feel and notice the results and improvements. You will feel the ease throughout your whole body and you will see that your joints’ pain will disappear;

– Another use of this remedy is natural removal of stones in the bile and converting them into sand;

– Two months period is the time that this treatment will last, and after that you will see that the bunions on your feet will completely disappear.

Solution made of bay leaves

– Mince five large bay leaves and pour 100ml of 96% alcohol over them. Leave the mixture to stay for one week, and after that you will need to strain them;

– Before smearing the bunions with the mixture, you will need to soak your feet well with warm water. Use three liters of water and one tablespoon of baking soda for that purpose;

 After that, wipe your feet, apply the mixture on them, put some short cotton socks on and ie down.

Another recipe that will help you with painful bunions, joints and other phenomena is the mixture of iodine and aspirin. Let’s see how the preparation goes:

– Mince five pills of aspirin or Andols from 200mg and mix them in 10ml of iodine;

– Stir the mixture until the aspirin becomes dissolved and has no color;

– Every night, smear some painful areas such as ankles, aching joints and other growths, with the solution of iodine and aspirin. After applying the mixture, be sure to warm up the place overnight, so you would for sure have better results the next day. You will feel the positive effects very quickly;

– Regular soaps help in relieving pain and inflammations from deformed knuckles as well. All you need to do is grate the soap, apply it on the painful area and massage well. After that, rinse the area, dry it and draw the foil using iodine.

– The best way of applying is to dip a cotton swab in the Povidone iodine and spread it over the knuckles, making iodine network;

– The network consists of horizontal and vertical lines or squares, distanced about 1 cm. In that way, the iodine is best absorbed;

– Also, remember to leave the iodine dry on your skin, and after that put socks on. It is a treatment that lasts for 30 days.

And, in the end, we will tell you another solution about bunions, which consists of lemon juice and iodine.

You just need to apply it in the same proportions as the remedies before and you will see how effective it will be in the case of “plantar fasciitis”.

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