8 Female Body Parts Men Love

That curved part in which any man could lose himself, that corner of your body that you never imagined he could like so much, he might not say it, but it will be enough to just observe him attentively to find out there are certain places in our anatomy that he absolutely worships. This is why would like to clearly mark which ones they are, find out 8 female body parts men love.

8 Female Body Parts Men Love


In his intimate encounters he won't stop kissing it, when he has the opportunity he'll caress it, smell it and bite it. It's not a coincidence, men feel powerfully attracted to women's necks, an area which allows him to get aroused and doesn't create too much of a hassle.Amazingly, several polls pointed out that the back of the neck was one of men's favorite body parts in women. Curious right? Playing with neck exposure can really turn a man on too, so wearing a half updo or pony tail is something many men find attractive.

The waist

No matter if it's bee-sized or bigger, it doesn't create much interest when you try to hide it, they adore grabbing our waist, it's a way of embracing us and making us feel theirs, to take us, play with our curves, that's why you shouldn't see it as something negative and use it as a tool to make him aroused. Men love the softness of a woman's body, which comes with curves, and the waist is the most pronounced area of our body, which is why they love handling the area.


To them, the back is like an open field in which he can softly walk around with his hands, kiss it with his lips and have fun whilst we're being seduced, that's why you shouldn't fear wearing a provocative dress, or being below during sex, he'll appreciate that and will pamper you. Running their fingers across your spine, playing with different sex toys during foreplay or an erotic massage is something they'll highly enjoy, while you are too!

Female genitalia

There's not much need to explain why your genital area is a sweet temptation to him. The excitement of what lies underneath, your most hidden feature is something that excites them for more than the obvious reasons. However, not all women feel comfortable with this attraction. No matter what type of trim you're sporting, whether you're a Brazilian wax fan, you like it natural or dare to try out the craziest patterns, men love to discover the confidence with which you show off your genitalia, as it is JUST for him to see. From now on, let him explore, he'll feel aroused and you'll surely feel more than happy with the result.


No matter the size, they adore breasts, and they could spend hours devoted to this part of your body. Meanwhile you can tempt his imagination by wearing a well-administrated cleavage, dare and turn your boyfriend crazy before you get in bed. Although you may think that men love big breasts, the fact is that there is not a general opinion on the subject, as many men highly enjoy a pair of breasts that perfectly fit in the palm of their hand.


The 80's song says it all, right? Lots of men absolutely worship a butt. Our rear is clearly the focus of their attention, it can also be a spot that they can't get away from. Stimulate their desire and drive him crazy, take advantage of this and give him some of his favorite sexual positions.


A good pair of legs are not only useful for mini-skirts in the summer, they're also useful to seduce them, so look after them and keep them beautiful, don't doubt if you want to use them as a hidden seduction weapon. Men love the stylized figure of a good pair of legs and love caressing them softly up and down.


They're right at the end, but that doesn't make them least important, beautiful feet excite and drive men crazy and you can even use them to masturbate. That's why you should try to look after them no matter the weather and show all their potential.

Extra body part: Believe it or not, most men are highly attracted to the eyes, which is the most expressive area of your body. Using your eyes to seduce a man is the best way to make him fall for you. During your intimate encounters, giving him looks of desire, pleasure and lust will make him go nuts for you!


Use these parts of your bodyin your favour and drive him crazy when you meet again

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