How to Lose Face Fat ?

The basic cause of face fat is poor eating habits and lifestyle of a person. There are many people who are not overweight, but they get face fat. Excessive alcohol drinking may cause face fat. It may also get accumulated on your face if you drink very less amount of water. Also, lack of nutrients, less sleep, and taking stress may cause face fat. So, it is really important to lose weight in your face, as it may decrease charm of your face.

How to Lose Face Fat ?

1. Do Small Changes In Your Diet

Your diet plays a major role in framing your health. Hence, it is really important to eat right. If you are having poor eating habits, then it is really important to change your diet as soon as possible. Few dietary changes can bring a huge difference to your health. The first step you will need to take up is to change your dietary habits. Shift your diet from junk to healthy food. That will mostly include fresh vegetables, fruits and fluid intake as they provide essential nutrients to your body. Eat citrus fruits, drink fruit and vegetable juice on a regular basis.

Add fruits and vegetables rich in fibers to your diet, as they keep your stomach full and improves bowel movement inside your body. It will help your body to be away from extra fatty foods. All such foods help a lot in improving the digestive system of the body. Also, drink warm water with a pinch of lemon juice and salt in it. It is a great way to remove toxins like bad fat from your body. It also means that you will need to decrease your calories intake. Add more of low-calorie food in your daily diet and foods that has more of fiber content in it. Try to avoid sugary products too.

2.  Chew Some Sugar Free Gum

This is another best trick to lose face fat. This is very simple and easy, all you will need to do is take a sugar-free gum and chew it. Chewing a gum is kind of face exercise and will massage your face also. Chewing a gum will help to reduce your extra face fat and tone your jaw line. It will also kill the craving for eating something else. It’s better to go for sugar free gum. So, try to follow this simple method to reduce face fat. Repeat this process till you get your desired result. This is one of the best remedies for double chin.

3. Try Hot Towel Therapy 

You might not believe it at once, but yes, hot towel steam really works to get rid of face fat. Steam is always good for your healthy skin. A simple steam facial will help your face to sweat and reduce face fat. It makes the other nearby body areas to sweat, which eliminates the extra fat from the chin and the neck. Therefore, try this hot towel therapy to lose fat in face.

Take a pan and boil some water in it. Keep it side and allow it to cool a bit.
Now take a face towel and dip in it. Squeeze the towel to remove extra amount of water from it.
Now keep the towel on your face covering your cheeks, chin and neck area also for some time and remove it when you are not getting proper steam.
Repeat the process for 15-20 minutes for twice a day, it will help you to lose face fat fast.

4. Blowing Balloons Will Help 

Blowing balloons is one of the easiest tricks to lose your face fat. Yes, you need to blow balloons in order to get rid of face fat. What you have to do is blow balloons on a daily basis. It will help you to tone and slim your face. You can simply blow a balloon as a part of exercise to lose face fat. When you blow the balloon you will feel the stretching of muscles of your face. You just need to fill air in the balloon and release it. You can repeat this process from 10 to 15 times in a day for week to see the result.

5. Perform Some Facial Exercise 

Facial exercises is a great way to lose face fat. Here are few facial exercises that may help you to get rid of face fat. To perform such exercises, just follow these steps:

Take a deep breath and hold air in your cheeks. Now, push the air on the left cheek for ten seconds, and then switch it to another side. Repeat this exercise several times in a day. It is a great way to lose fat face.

Even laughing is considered to be a great facial exercise. So, laugh as much as you can and reduce face fat. You may also try laughing exercise for tightening your cheeks, mouth as well as gums. To do this, laugh and clench your teeth for a few seconds without blinking or squinting your eyes and then pucker your lips. Just repeat this process to get rid of face fat.





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