11 Greatest Snacks for Weight Loss

Want rapid weight loss but keep getting sidetracked by your cravings in-between meals? Never fear, there are plenty of great options that will fill you up and taste great, all while being low calorie. Read on for the 11 best snacks for weight loss!


11 Greatest Snacks for Weight Loss

Greek Yogurt and Raspberries: Stay fuller for longer with a generous helping hand of Greek yogurt, which has been proven to aid weight loss. Research from the University of Tennessee found that eating 3 servings per day worked wonders for helping people to lose stomach fat.

Adding in a handful of raspberries can further boost weight loss gives you the ever-important Vitamin C. Why does that help? A study from the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that the Vitamin C content in raspberries boosts the body’s ability to burn fat.

Grapefruit: When you’re feeling snackish but it’s not quite time for your next meal, why not reach for some grapefruit?

A study of 91 overweight participants found that eating half of a fresh grapefruit in the half hour before meals helped them to lose 3.5 lbs and also lowered their insulin levels.

Grapes: Craving a sweet snack that is still healthy? Reach for a handful of grapes. The fiber content will help to fill you up and for their size, they’re a great source of protein.

Peanut Butter: Recent research from the British Journal of Nutrition found that peanut butter is a perfect choice of morning snack, because it does such a great job of filling you up. This is due to its effects on controlling blood sugar levels.

Boiled Potatoes: They may contain carbohydrates but potatoes can be surprisingly good for weight loss. On the Satiety Index, boiled potatoes scored the highest at making you feel full.

As an added bonus, you can get pretty much all of your essential nutrients from them, including potassium — which most of us do not get enough of.

Tuna: If you hold off on the mayo or salad cream, tuna can be fantastic for weight loss. It’s high in protein but low in calories. Just make sure you go for tuna in water, rather than oil or brine to keep it as low fat as possible.

Eggs: Eggs had a bad rep for many years, but they’re actually great for weight loss. They’re rich in protein and healthy fats. In fact, eggs are ideal for filling up and getting vital nutrients without loading up on calories. Be sure to eat the whole egg as much of their goodness comes in the yolk.

Avocado: Avocado contains fat, but don’t worry its the good kind — monosaturated fats. They also have a good deal of fiber and include large amounts of water which lowers their calories and helps you feel fuller longer. They also contain oleic acid, which is thought to minimize hunger pangs.

Oats and Blueberries: You may think of oats as purely a breakfast food but the same reasons that make it a terrific option in the morning also make it the perfect snack any time of the day.

Oats are high in fiber (which helps keep you feeling full and satisfied) and also gives you an energy boost. Adding in a handful of blueberries provides Vitamin C, not to mention a healthy sweet kick. Opt for plain oatmeal topped with half a cup of blueberries.

Soups: Eat less without even trying by adding more soups to your diet. A study on chicken rice showed that participants felt full for longer leading them to eat less at their next meal, while another study also found that eating soup prior to meals decreased appetite.

Chia Seeds: A definitive link with weight loss has yet to be proven but chia seeds have great potential as a weight loss friendly food. They’re low in carbs and also very high in fiber. Chia seeds expand significantly after eaten, which goes a long way towards filling you up and curbing your appetite!

So now that you now what snacks to eat to lose weight, what about the rest of your meals? How do you keep your weight loss on track by eating the right foods at the right time throughout the day — without hating your life at every single meal?

Renowned nutrition researcher John Barban can help you with is unique focus that looks at optimizing the female metabolism in a way that addresses the very things that make you unique — from your lifestyle, to your beginning body shape, to what you eat and more.

John has discovered what he calls the “5 wonder veggies for women” which boost women’s metabolisms in a massive way, leading to them to reach their goals faster than they ever thought possible. Learn the 5 veggies in this video (they’re listed at about the 1:05 mark).

Hopefully this has given you a few great options for what to turn to the next time cravings strike you between meals! Make sure to pin this so you can refer back to it later!

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