How To Use Olive Oil For Skin Whitening

Due to various factors such as pollution, food habits, alcohol, pimples, stress and aging the look of our natural skin is affected and it becomes darker. Thus, a natural organic product like Olive Oil helps in making our skin more healthy, flawless and glowing.

How To Use Olive Oil For Skin Whitening

Olive Oil for Skin Whitening

Olive oil is drawn out of a small oval-shaped bitter fruit known as olive found in the Mediterranean areas and for many decades has been used for cooking and health benefits. However, as time moved forward olive oil has come to be a very beneficial skin and hair natural wonder used in most of the skin and hair care products across the globe. In this article, We will focus on olive oil skin whitening and the various benefits it has and some of the olive oil remedies


Is Olive Oil good for Whitening Skin?

Olive oil is highly rich in Vitamins, minerals natural fatty acids and antioxidants. The natural organic characteristics help with brightening, lighting and protecting your skin. It not only has its skin benefits but also health benefits like protection from UV light etc.

Being organic in nature, it works without causing any harm to the skin which is very rare to find in other skin products available in the market that have Lanolin, BHT, Mercury, Paraben etc. which can cause various health problems in the future like cancer.


Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil has plenty of properties that are highly beneficial when used as a skin lightener that helps in getting that younger looking skin.

These features help to heal and revitalize the skin. Thus when you apply it on your skin you will feel a major difference on the skin.


Here are all the benefits of olive oil you need to know:


Olive oil consists of Vitamin E, Phytosterols, Avenasterols and Polyphenols which are primary antioxidants that help is protecting your skin from premature aging and smoothens it. There is also Hydroxytyrosol which protects your skin from free radical damage.

2.UV ray protection
Vitamins A and Vitamin E help in protecting the body from UV rays and radiation by acting as a shield on the skin. hence, preventing skin damage.

Using olive oil as a scrub removes the dead skin from the face and skin. This increases the cellular movement which lightens the skin color. The ingredients that work as primary helpers are Vitamin E, polyphenols and flavonoids.

The scrubbing must be gentle in order to avoid skin damage while removing the dead skin.

It penetrates deep through the skin resulting in hydration without clogging the pores thus keeping your skin moisturized during winters. It also regulates the production of essential oil within the skin, making it soft and glow.

5.Removes Whiteheads and Blackheads
If you use olive oil homemade facial wash, you will easily get rid of whiteheads and Blackheads. Doing a regular massage on your face with a circular motion using olive oil will push the whiteheads and blackheads out of the pores. It will result in no pimples, black spots or scars on your face.

6.Olive Oil to get rid of pigmentation and Dark Circles
Olive contains various minerals and vitamins that help in improving the skin texture and complexion; especially a combination of lemon and olive oil makes up an excellent cream for improving pigmentation to have a lighter color and texture.

Nutrients found in the olive oil also help in improving the elasticity and texture of the skin.

All these factors and benefits contribute to having a lightened and gorgeous skin. Still confused? Then go and use olive today!

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