Use a drop of this oil to improve your vision naturally

Castor oil is one of the most common ingredients of ancient methods of treatment and healing. It is still a very important part of the Ayurveda system of medicine and is full of healing properties. When it comes to problems related to eyes, it is capable of curing most of the problems from red, itchy eyes to cataracts. Here is a quick guide about castor oil for eyes and how to use it get the best results.


Use a drop of this oil to improve your vision naturally

Is castor oil safe for your eyes?

Yes! It is safe for your eyes. Castor oil is packed with numerous antioxidants and powerful fatty acids and is very beneficial for your eyes. But choosing the best kind of castor oil is also very important. Look for the best available oil free from chemicals and is sterile.

What type of castor oil is best for your eyes?

There are different types of castor oils available in the market. Cold pressed organic castor oil is believed to be the best for eyes. It is pressed without the addition of heat and has the maximum nutrients. Always use 100% organic cold pressed refined castor oil. Make sure the castor oil you are buying is free from hexane as well. There are some other types of castor oil your doctor may recommend. These are sterile castor oil and pharmaceutical grade castor oil, both of them are healthy and safe for the eyes.

Benefits of using castor oil for eyes:

  • Castor oil is packed with inflammatory properties thanks to the presence of ricinoleic acid. The inflammatory property of the oil helps to reduce the swelling and redness of eyes.
  • The oil also soothes the skin and can remove the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • It is very effective in encouraging the lipid production and inhibiting the evaporation of tears and hence can treat the dryness of your eyes.
  • It is also very effective in healing the general allergies and itchiness associated with the eyes.

How to use castor oil for eyes: A quick guide

 1.For allergies:

  • Take a sterile and clean dropper, and don’t touch its end with naked hands.
  • Suck the castor oil you have (make sure it is 100% organic, free from hexane).
  • Take one drop each in both eyes before going to sleep.
  • You might feel cloudy vision, but it will subside after a while.
  • Repeat it for a few days until the allergy subsides.

2.For bloodshot eyes:

Use a drop of this oil to improve your vision naturally

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It is a condition clinically featured by severe redness; sometimes the red veins are visible due to excess redness. The bloodshot eyes can be the result of different problems including allergy and trauma of the eyes.

  • Use it as mentioned above for allergies.

3.Excellent for cataract treatment:

Use a drop of this oil to improve your vision naturally

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Using castor oil in the starting can treat cataract, but severe forms of cataract are cured only of surgery, there is no other way to treat severe cataract. You can also use castor oil after surgery to speed up the recovery.

  • Suck a little amount of castor oil in a dropper.
  • Put one drop into the affected eye(s) only once in a day.
  • Using it before going to bed is the best option as it will get more than enough time to heal your eye(s).
  • Don’t create panic if you see white crusts around your eyes in the morning; these are the calcified deposits of various other compounds of castor oil, you can remove them using fresh and clean water.

4.Blepharitis after cataract surgery:

Use a drop of this oil to improve your vision naturally

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Blepharitis is the swelling and inflammation of the eyelids. It is usually noticed a few days after cataract surgery but is seen in people without cataract as well. The inflammatory agent of castor oil, ricinoleic acid is very effective to treat blepharitis.

  • Wash your eyes gently with lukewarm water.
  • Use a warm cloth to compress your eyelids for 5 minutes.
  • Take a few drops of castor oil on a cotton swab.
  • Apply gently on the eyelids without opening the eyes.
  • Doing it before going to bed is the best option.
  • Wash your eyes with warm water in the morning.

To sum it up:

This is all about castor oil and its effectiveness in most of the eye conditions especially cataract. Get the best organic castor oil free from any chemical or impurity. Follow these simple methods to get the best of the powerful healing oil.

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