Turmeric Lemonade That Treats Depression Better Than Prozac! How To Prepare This?

Wretchedness is a typical temperament issue, showed by a terrible inclination, just as different side effects.

In its mildest frame, patients figure out how to lead a solid and ordinary life, on the off chance that they treat it legitimately. Then again, on account of an extreme melancholy, individuals have various troubles to lead a functioning life and it might even be dangerous.


Turmeric Lemonade That Treats Depression Better Than Prozac! How To Prepare This?


These are the most widely recognized manifestations and indications of wretchedness:

  • Bitterness, nervousness, or "void" sentiments 
  • Sentiments of blame 
  • Weariness and diminished vitality 
  • Self-destructive considerations, suicide endeavors 
  • Sentiments of misery 
  • Peevishness, anxiety 
  • A sleeping disorder or exorbitant dozing 
  • Challenges concentrating and uncertainty 

Fortunately, nature has given an unbelievably compelling characteristic flavor, turmeric, which treats various sicknesses and conditions.

It is amazingly useful on account of Alzheimer's, keeps the breakdown of cells into dangerous cells, decreases the dimensions of LDL cholesterol in the body, fixes skin disease, and is advantageous on account of liver issues, sharpness, stomach issue, and torments, the runs, joint inflammation, jaundice too.

Turmeric has astounding wellbeing properties, including:

  • It is copious in cancer prevention agents 
  • It has powerful calming advantages 
  • It battles wretchedness 
  • It lessens the danger of creating coronary illness 
  • It bolsters the mind 

The most widely recognized medication incorporated into the treatment of despondency is Prozac. In any case, it, just as different medications of the sort available, have genuine reactions, as self-destructive impacts, breathing troubles, and seeping in the stomach.

Specialists have discovered that turmeric's dynamic fixing, curcumin, has indistinguishable impact in treating real burdensome turmoil from fluoxetine (Prozac), however it doesn't cause any of its hurtful unfavorable impacts.

This is a formula for a delightful turmeric lemonade which can be of incredible help:

Turmeric Lemonade Recipe


  • the juice of one and a half lemons or limes 
  • 2 tablespoons crisply ground or powdered turmeric 
  • 4 tablespoons 100% maple syrup, Stevia or nectar 
  • 4 mugs cold separated or shining water 
  • the juice of 1 blood orange (discretionary) 


In a little pitcher, blend the majority of the fixings, and mix well. You can serve it decorated with a lemon cut.

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