How to Do Baby Massage

Babies can sometimes be difficult to understand and you cannot predict what they will do next. When you are ready to put her down, she bursts out in a shrieking cry and will only stop when you hold her. This can make you frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, irritated, and all the many other negative emotions. What you fail to realize is that holding your baby tends to soothe her and calm her down such that she can easily fall asleep in your arms. Something as simple as holding your baby gives her such comfort. What of a massage?


How to Do Baby Massage

The benefits of baby massage

  • Research concerning baby massages has shown that full-body massages help to reduce crying and fussiness.
  • Baby massages also help them sleep more peacefully. A massage relieves issues that would cause her to cry like colic.
  • Some studies claim that massages boost your baby’s ability to fight off germs because massages stimulate the baby’s central nervous system. The brain is then stimulated to produce more serotonin and less cortisol.
  • It helps you emotionally connect with your baby. Baby massages produce significant feelings of affection and connection which are powerful forms of communication. Similar to breastfeeding, massages are a great way to bond with your baby.
  • A baby massage will also help you as a mom. It gives you a sense of satisfaction that you are doing something important for your baby. This helps you to relax as well and have some time to recover emotionally. It is also a perfect opportunity to learn your baby’s signals so that you be informed on how to respond better to her needs.

How to give your baby a massage

  • Baby massages should be done at a time when you are feeling relaxed. Your baby should also be relaxed but alert. Massaging a fussy baby beats the point because it will only make her fussier. So wait for her to calm down.
  • The best time for a baby massage is either after a diaper change or a bath. Your baby is more relaxed at such times.
  • The environment surrounding your massage should be quiet and warm.
  • Remove any jewelry before you massage your baby including your wedding ring. Such jewelry can injure your baby.
  • Before you massage your baby, remove all her clothing and leave her with only her diaper.
  • Place her face up on a smooth surface overlaid with a soft towel or blanket. Use a baby pillow to support her head
  • Start by pouring some baby oil on your hands then gently rub your baby’s arms and palms with your thumbs so that she can get tuned to you.
  • Baby massages should start from the legs going up. You can do this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Baby massages are of different kinds. It could be either a leg, belly, arm, neck, colic-relief or full body massage. Whichever type you choose, they are all good for your baby. Just remember to be gentle on her skin and not pressing too hard. Babies love massages. They might just sleep away as you massage them.

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