My Favorite High Calorie Protein Shake – For Fast Weight Gain

The way to putting on weight is getting in additional calories and protein to your typical eating routine. As per the Mayo Clinic, so as to put on a pound of weight in seven days you have to take in 500 additional calories every day.


My Favorite High Calorie Protein Shake – For Fast Weight Gain

Protein shakes are an incredible method to achieve your day by day calorie and protein objectives, particularly on the off chance that you have a quick digestion. The issue is a great many people make unhealthy weight gain shakes that taste dreadful. I'm looking at swallowing down with their nose stopped awful. Wouldn't it flabbergast have a solid beverage that tasted mind blowing?

Your scan for the best tasting unhealthy weight gainer is finished. It's anything but difficult to make, tastes tasty, and has 700 calories and 69 grams of protein. I made one of these each morning amid my 20 pounds weight gain voyage and it was the feature of my day.

Instructions to MAKE IT

Empty your decision of milk into the blender compartment. I have been utilizing almond milk as of late so I will pour 6-8 ounces in.

Take two solidified bananas and take the strip off cautiously with a blade. *TIP* Let bananas sit for a moment so they relax a tad. It will make them less demanding to neatly remove the strips.

Slash solidified bananas and place them in with the milk.

Include two storing scoops of Gold Standard Chocolate Whey.

Include two spoonfuls of nutty spread

Mix for 20 seconds and appreciate the best tasting weight gain shake you will ever have!



With 700 calories, 69 grams of protein and 74 grams of starches, this weight gain shake will enable you to pack on pounds while making your mouth water simply contemplating it.

On the off chance that you are underweight and battle to put on, out this shake an attempt. This is the ideal compliment to any weight gain diet and will enable you to make sense of how to put on weight quick.

In the event that you are searching for delicious weight gain formulas, exercises and motivation for your weight gain venture look at my Pinterest page.

It would be ideal if you see informative supplement for an increasingly nitty gritty clarification of the blenders I recommend. I additionally clarify why I am such an adherent to the Gold Standard Chocolate whey.

Reference section

Blender – The way to a decent blender is one that is sufficiently huge to hold your protein shake, ground-breaking enough to mix solidified bananas, and simple to utilize. I have been making this weight gain shake for quite a long time and have attempted it utilizing a wide range of blenders. Here is a rundown of my undisputed top choices positioned by cost:

Enchantment Bullet – ($35) This is an ideal starter blender due to its value point. On the off chance that you are simply beginning on your weight gain venture, lift this up and escape.

Nutribullet NBR – ($59.99) My most loved part about this Nutribullet is the means by which the holder transform into your glass after you are done mixing. Not even close as power as the Vitamix, yet it takes care of business rapidly and viably.

Vitamix E310 Explorian – ($299.99) If you haven't known about Vitamix previously, it is the Cadillac of blenders. Other than life span, the Vitamix is incredible in light of the fact that it pummels better different blenders can't as a result of the ground-breaking engine. This implies no more seeds in your shakes. In the event that you make protein shakes consistently and need a blender that may outlast you, lift this up.

Whey Protein – I have tried different things with many brands and kinds of protein powders throughout the years. You need a flavor that preferences great, however not excessively sweet. You need the item to contain just the fundamental supplements, not garbage you needn't bother with. Here is the main whey protein I suggest for this weight gain shake:

Highest quality level Chocolate – This is by a long shot the best whey protein I have ever tried with this protein drink. It combines impeccably with the nutty spread, bananas, and milk to make a really madly delectable shake. Past the taste, it accompanies 24 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of BCAAs and nothing you needn't bother with.

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