10 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Level

The fatty substance known as cholesterol is vital for the proper functioning of the body. Sometimes, there is a higher level of cholesterol than allowed. This condition can be a result of different causes such as the food or drinks we consume. In fact, high level of cholesterol is not a disease, but it can cause many other diseases.


10 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Level


So, if you have a high level of cholesterol, you should be very careful about your overall health.

10 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Level

Here are some natural ways that will help you lower the level of cholesterol in a natural manner:

1. Orange Juice
Along the delicious taste and healthy properties, the freshly squeezed orange juice will reduce the cholesterol level in your body. Just squeeze one orange in the morning, and you will notice significant results.

2. Herbal Tea

If your cholesterol level is more than average, you should consume more herbal tea. So, a combination of ginger, peppers and lukewarm water will do wonders for you. You can also add honey, and the tea is completely ready.

3. Ginger
Ginger not only will reduce the level of cholesterol, but it will also provide a proper circulation. In this way, the blood will reach different parts of the body more quickly thus preventing many diseases.

4. Chromium
The potent mineral properties of chromium will help you reduce the level of cholesterol. Also, it will help the body to use insulin properly and maintain a balanced blood sugar level. So, consume more chromium-rich food or take some chromium pills.

5. Grapes
Grapes can successfully fight high level of cholesterol due to the compound in grape’s skin that lowers cholesterol.

6. Red Yeast
Red yeast will help you reduce the level of cholesterol in a natural way. It will not only reduce the LDL cholesterol, but it will provide an overall health to your body.

7. Oatmeal
It may not be your favorite taste, but this powerful source of fiber will dissolve the cholesterol in the blood. If you do not prefer oatmeal, consume more legumes or some other foods that are high in soluble fiber.

8. Red Wine
A glass of red wine will raise the level of HDL (good cholesterol) and in turn lower the LDL cholesterol. The antioxidants in red wine will make you feel fresh and revitalized.

9. Regular Exercise
The key to healthy body and mind is a regular exercise. So, if you want to lower your cholesterol, make sure you exercise more. Try out jogging, and you will not only get some fresh air, but also you will tone your body. Regular stretching and many other exercises will do wonders for you.

10. Consume Food in Small Quantities
Instead of taking just two meals a day, take several meals. In this way, you will fight cholesterol naturally.

These ways will help you regulate your level of cholesterol and provide a good and healthy life.

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