6 Little-Known Ways to Stop Stomach Problems

Who doesn’t have stomach problems from time to time? There are dozens of reasons why you may have stomach aches, such as gastritis, acid reflux, lactose intolerance, stress, etc. Most of them are not serious and pass quickly. 


6 Little-Known Ways to Stop Stomach Problems


There is no reason to go to your doctor and get a prescription when you have mild stomach discomfort. We put together some non-drug stomach pain meds for you that can help you in the blink of an eye.


How Do You Get Rid of Stomach Problems

Cayenne Pepper

6 Little-Known Ways to Stop Stomach Problems
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Eating cayenne pepper can help you with your stomach problems in many ways. It is a natural anesthetic and can reduce pain and discomfort. Also, it can reduce acidity, fight peptic ulcers, and kill certain types of bacteria.

Also, it helps digest food more efficiently. Keep in mind that you must combine it with other foods when consuming it.



6 Little-Known Ways to Stop Stomach Problems

Many yoga poses can help you physically with digestion and increase peristalsis, the movement of food through the intestines. It also reduces stress that can often cause stomach problems like irritable bowel syndrome.

For example, “Apanasana” or a knee-chest pose can help relieve bloating and gas pain. And the twisted spine pose will calm and tone your abdomen.



6 Little-Known Ways to Stop Stomach Problems
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Ginger has an incredible influence on the health of the stomach. It reduces inflammation, just like aspirin, ibuprofen, or other NSAIDs.

It promotes blood circulation, which aids in better digestion. It helps food flow smoothly through the digestive tract, allowing us to absorb more nutrients.

It prevents gas and relaxes the muscles of the intestinal tract, which relieves stomach pain.



6 Little-Known Ways to Stop Stomach Problems
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Although it sounds a bit unbelievable, eating a tablespoon of mustard with your meal every day can be a great addition to your diet. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antacid effects that can reduce or even cure stomach pain.



6 Little-Known Ways to Stop Stomach Problems
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Peppermint is the first line of defense for an upset stomach. Menthol is a very strong antispasmodic that helps calm the stomach.

It can alleviate almost all the complaints that the digestive system can throw at us: heartburn, indigestion, cramps, nausea, gas, and even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).



6 Little-Known Ways to Stop Stomach Problems
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Along with potatoes, oatmeal, and other starchy foods, rice helps to coat the stomach, aids digestion and has a calming effect. These foods do not stay in the stomach for long and they do not stimulate acid reflux.

Do you know of any non-standard home remedies to relieve stomach problems? Share them with us in the comments below.

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