What Happens To The Human Body Without Sex

Sex is as basic as food. Well, almost. Once you get the taste of it, there’s no turning back. And even if you are the conservative type, and think that sex is not necessary, you still know that your body needs a dose of it from time to time. Otherwise, how do you explain those urges? In fact, your body needs sex so bad that if it doesn’t get it, weird things start happening to it. Things you thought were unexplained before actually have their roots in the lack of action between the sheets.

What Happens To The Human Body Without Sex

So what goes on inside your body when you stop having sex? Well, to begin with…

1. You Start Dreaming About It… A Lot!
Just like the sensations of pleasure and pain are a function initiated by your brain, so are the dreams you see when asleep. The interesting thing is that the same chemicals in your brain that work hard to ensure you remain healthy and happy are also responsible for the dreams you get. In fact, certain reports suggest that the lack of sex can bring more sex dreams, and quite vivid ones at that.

2. You Become Self-Conscious
Sex is the ultimate way to get that feel-good feeling, the very same one that makes you more confident and ready to take on the world as if there was no tomorrow. This is because the activity releases the happy hormone known as dopamine, which is why studies have proven that those who have more sex, generally tend to feel happier. However, when you stop having sex, the feel good hormones are no longer released, as a result of which you may end up feeling unusually blue, less confident and more self-conscious.

3. Your Stress Levels Increase
When you’re not getting that good feeling anymore, ordinary occurrences can tick you off, piling up on the day-to-day stress you already experience. You’ll find yourself getting cranky and irritable at small things, and snapping at people when things don’t go your way. You may experience other signs and symptoms too like the above-mentioned vivid sex dreams, sleeplessness, headaches, loss of appetite etc. due to an action-less sex life, which can all further add to your stress levels. Rather than blaming it all on work pressure, listen to your body and cater to its needs.

4. Your Immunity Takes A Dip
Your immune system is what keeps the diseases away. It helps fight the bacteria and germs that try to invade your body and prevents you from falling sick. If your immune system weakens, you will become more susceptible to both big and small diseases as they will easily be able to wreak havoc on your body. And guess what? A weakened immune system may be a result of lack of sex. The act can actually boost your immune system. When you have sex, the immunoglobin chemical in your body gets a boost so that you can fight off diseases better.

It’s clear that not having sex can do you more harm than good. Which means that sex is one activity that is loaded with health benefits! If you have a regular and healthy sex life, you can reap its multiple benefits, such as-

A Younger Looking Skin!

A study carried out by the Royal Edinburgh hospital had revealed that older couples who had a healthy sex life looked 5-7 years younger than they actually were! Call your partner in and let them know its boogey time between the sheets!

Makes You Live Longer

We have already talked about the immune system boosting benefits of sex, so it should come as no surprise that if you have improved immunity, you will live longer. Well, to support that further, an Australian study found that individuals who climaxed thrice a week had 50% lower chances of dying for medical reasons than those who experienced orgasm once a month.

Fix Those Period Cramps

You may think and feel that you lose all your sex drive when menstruating, but if you give sex a shot this time of the month, you may just discover a simple and natural remedy for period cramps. And this is so much better than gulping down bitter concoctions made by your mum or popping that nasty pill. The reason why sex can help is that the muscle contractions that take place during sex can ease the pressure in the muscles of your uterus and bring about pain relief.

If you need more reasons to have sex, we have got plenty of them for you! Sex can prevent heart attack, it can decrease your chances of incontinence, and it can make you appear more attractive to others and much more! So whatever the reason, whatever the occasion, it’s always a good time to have sex.

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